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1998 was a milestone in world football. The World Cup held in France has been hailed as the most classic event by many people. Many post-80s and a few post-90s have become obsessed with football from this year. However, although the game was very exciting, some stars were unable to participate for various reasons, which still became a regret in the hearts of fans. French star Cantona is one of them. After learning that he was once again rejected by Jacques, Cantona unexpectedly announced his retirement and ended his playing career. So, if you really watched football since 1998, it is a pity that you did not really appreciate the style of the Manchester United King, even if you find out his highlights and read countless times.


Looking at Cantona’s resume, you will find that he really has no destiny in international competitions. In 1992, he and Papin formed the best combination in theory, representing the French team in the European Cup, but the two were the same. Not in, the French team also left early. Cantona, who was only 25 years old at the time, probably did not expect that this was the last time in his life to participate in an international competition in English football. In the 1994 World Cup qualifying, the French team suffered two black three-minute accidental outs and kicked fans. After the incident, Jacques, who granted him the status of captain, turned to completely block the gate of the national team.

查看Cantona的简历,您会发现他在国际比赛中确实没有命运。 1992年,他和帕潘形成了理论上的最佳组合,代表法国队参加了欧洲杯,但两者相同。不参加,法国队也提前离开。当时只有25岁的坎通纳(Cantona)可能没想到这是他一生中最后一次参加国际英式足球比赛。在1994年世界杯预选赛中,法国队遭受了两次黑色三分钟的意外淘汰,并踢了球迷。事件发生后,授予他队长身份的雅克转身完全封锁了国家队的大门。

But despite this, Cantona's life as a winner cannot be stopped. In 1991, Cantona won the Ligue 1 championship on behalf of Marseille, but it was also that year that he and the French Football Association were suspended. There is no place to stay here, and there is a place to keep him. With the help of Platini, Cantona then came to England and found Leeds as his place to stay. The arrival of Cantona allowed Leeds to overtake Manchester United and win the Champions League in one fell swoop. The French also quickly conquered the English fans by virtue of his excellent performance on the field, especially when he often played out that European players were still playing unfavorable goals. The flower arrangement feet have countless fans.

但是尽管如此,坎通纳作为胜利者的生活还是不能停止的。 1991年,坎通纳(Cantona)代表马赛(Marseille)赢得了Ligue 1冠军,但也是在这一年,他和法国足球协会(Football Football Association)被停赛。没有地方可以住,还有一个地方可以留住他。在普拉蒂尼(Platini)的帮助下,坎通纳(Cantona)来到英格兰,并找到利兹(Leeds)作为他的住所。坎通纳的到来使利兹一举超越了曼联,赢得了冠军联赛。法国人还凭借其在赛场上的出色表现迅速征服了英国球迷,尤其是当他经常表现出欧洲球员仍在打不利球时。插花脚有无数的粉丝。

In the second season, the League was changed to the Premier League, Cantona also changed the door, switched to Ferguson's account, wearing the number 7 jersey, a legend began. The highly artistic Cantona gives the industrial city of Manchester a bit more of the art of Manchester by the sea. The perfect interweaving of industrial tradition and literary atmosphere makes Old Trafford a real dream theater. In the first year of the Premier League, Manchester United has fulfilled the dream of league championship for more than 20 years. Cantona was the first to contribute; in the second year, Manchester United successfully defended the league title. In the FA Cup final, Cantona led his teammates to sweep 4-0. Chelsea is one of Manchester United's classic games; in the third year, Cantona suffered a half-year suspension. Manchester United was overtaken by Blackburn in the final round and lost the championship.


In the fourth year, Manchester United’s lineup structure changed. Beckham, Scholes, Bart, and Neville became the backbone of the team. The key role is Cantona, who played the return of the king. It is his The lifting of the ban allowed Manchester United to reverse the 12-point gap and achieve the biggest comeback in Premier League history. The away team against Newcastle United to win the Battle of Mount Tian Wang, and the FA Cup final to retreat from Liverpool to win the championship are all Cantona's proud work. In the fifth year, Manchester United defended the league title again, but due to the defeat of Dortmund in the Champions League semi-finals and once again being blocked from the national team, the 31-year-old Cantona unexpectedly announced that his boots were hanging up.


From the striker who destroyed the city to the soul of the midfielder, Cantona has always been the most important person at Manchester United in those five years. Fans call him the "king". Many people still believe that Cantona is the history of Manchester United. First person. At the same time, Cantona's "stand-up collar" style has also become a fashion for players and fans. On the street at that time, if you see a windbreaker with a collar up, then he may be learning Takakura; but if you see a sports T-shirt with a collar up, then he must be learning Cantona.


Cantona's skills are impressive, but at the same time, his hot temper has caused himself trouble. While playing in Auxerre, Cantona clashed with the goalkeeper and punched the opponent. After joining Montpellier, he smashed his sneakers on the opponent's face because of his dissatisfaction with his teammates and was banned from training for 10 days; When Marseille played, he kicked the football into the crowd for a month because of his dissatisfaction, and was banned again for hitting the referee with the ball. In the hearing, Cantona scolded the officials of the French Football Association one by one. Once again, it doubled the sentence and also contributed to his landing in the Premier League.


After coming to England, Cantona was not idle either. In the 1993 Champions Cup, Cantona was kicked out of the field by a red card. His emotions were still quite agitated. Due to the king’s strong aura, the referee on duty immediately "called the police." "The police officer at the scene took Cantona out of the field with a baton. After the incident, Cantona threw his anger on the police officer again, threatening to kill them everywhere.

来到英格兰后,坎通纳也不是闲着。在1993年的冠军杯中,坎通纳被红牌踢出界外。他的情绪仍然很激动。由于国王强大的灵气,当值裁判立即“报警”。 “现场的警官用警棍将坎通纳带出了战场。事发后,坎通纳再次向警官发火,威胁要在各处杀死他们。

As for mild conflicts such as talks, it is more common than three meals a day. For example, after being replaced in the game, the jersey was thrown on the face of the national team coach Henry Michel, and he was called "the most incompetent coach", "jerk", "Yi Tuo X" and so on; Deschamps, who snatched his captain’s armband, was a waterman. You can see such players all over the streets... In short, wherever Cantona goes, he will take the championship, but there are countless others who come together. The stigma.


The most famous is the kick against the Crystal Palace fans. On January 25, 1995, Manchester United took a guest at Selhurst Park to challenge the Crystal Palace. During the game, Cantona was given the most attention by his opponents, and the referee's decision was looser, which caused Cantona's dissatisfaction: "You don't give a card for this action?" But the referee Alan Virki is still indifferent. The referee was so inaction, Cantona decided to come out to uphold justice himself. In the second half, Crystal Palace defender Richard Shaw deliberately pulled Cantona's jersey without the ball, angering Cantona. The Frenchman then gave Richard Shaw a retaliatory kick. The referee took out a red card. Cantona sent off. As he walked towards the player passage, a fan in the stands yelled "French bastard" at Cantona. At this time, Cantona was passing by the stands. After hearing it, he couldn't help getting angry and saw him jumping high. A flying kick knocked the fan to the ground, and then slammed him several times.

最著名的是对水晶宫球迷的踢脚。 1995年1月25日,曼彻斯特联队(Manchester United)来到塞尔赫斯特公园(Selhurst Park)挑战水晶宫。在比赛中,坎通纳受到了对手的最大关注,裁判的决定更加宽松,这引起了坎通纳的不满:“您不为此举牌吗?”但是裁判阿兰·维尔基仍然无动于衷。裁判如此无所作为,坎通纳决定出来坚持自己的正义。下半场,水晶宫的后卫理查德·肖(Richard Shaw)故意在没有球的情况下拉下坎通纳的球衣,激怒了坎通纳。法国人随后给了理查德·肖一个报复性的踢脚。裁判拿出一张红牌。坎通纳被送走了。当他走向玩家通道时,看台上的风扇在坎通纳大喊“法国混蛋”。这时,坎通纳正在路过看台。听完之后,他忍不住生气,看到他跳得很高。飞脚把风扇撞到了地上,然后猛击了他几次。

The next day, Cantona's colorful photos of Chinese Kung Fu became the headlines of major newspapers. After the catastrophe, Cantona was arrested by the police and the Croydon District Court sentenced the French to 120 hours of community service-teaching children to play football on the Manchester United training ground. Although Ferguson repeatedly stressed that Cantona should not be fined, Manchester United still handled Cantona internally. The Frenchman was banned from participating in the remaining 21 games of the season and fined £20,000. The FA felt that it was not enough, and issued a fine of 10,000 pounds and an eight-month ban. Manchester United, who lost the king, was reversed by Blackburn in the final round and failed to defend their title. And Cantona also announced the second time in his career that he "powered on to the field" until Ferguson rushed to Paris to have an interview with him, allowing the French to come back again.


After Cantona attended the appeal hearing, the Manchester United Club held a press conference, and reporters at the scene filled the venue. Faced with these reporters, Cantona's hot temper became extremely quiet. Suddenly, the French slowly uttered a philosophical but obscure famous saying: "Seagulls are flying with trawlers because they think the sardines will be thrown into the sea." Then he stood up and complained a lot about one of them. The reporter from Shen said "thank you very much" and then left.


To this day, people still don't understand the meaning of this masterpiece, because Cantona has never given a standard answer. According to his account, this sentence was his casual play at the time, and it is not surprising that it was improvised with the French literary temperament. A French farmer once saw a homeless man sketching at sunflowers. The kind farmer gave him two pieces of oat bread and a glass of milk, while the homeless gave him his graffiti red scarf as a souvenir. After a while, the kind man discovered on TV that the homeless man was Cantona.


The strong literary atmosphere, the moody temper and the true temperament of Cantona make fans admire him, and many people regard him as a bastard. From the public letter published by Cantona, we may be able to find the reason for his personality. Cantona’s grandparents and great-grandparents and grandparents have had quite legendary and tragic experiences. In Cantona’s words, the history of his grandparents has been integrated into his blood and become his soul.


Because of this, Cantona understands the meaning of life better, and understands the meaning of freedom better. He will not waste limited time on those vain things. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. There is no need to act on occasion. . Football has a more important meaning to his life, because on the pitch, "I can go anywhere and play as I want. This is the only football I can accept. Besides, I will never tolerate it. . If there is no freedom in football, what is its meaning? If there is no freedom in football, where is the freedom of life?"

因此,坎通纳更好地理解了生命的意义,并更好地理解了自由的意义。他不会在这些徒劳的事情上浪费有限的时间。如果喜欢,就喜欢。如果您不喜欢它,那么您就不喜欢它。无需偶尔采取行动。 。足球对他的生活而言具有更重要的意义,因为在球场上,“我可以随心所欲地踢球。这是我唯一可以接受的足球。此外,我永远也不会容忍它。足球的含义是什么?如果足球没有自由,那么生活的自由在哪里?”

After retiring, Cantona has been doing what he likes, leading the French team to win the beach football championship, shooting movies such as "Elizabeth" and "Children of Clearwater Bay", writing, reading, running for the French president... Even without the achievements on the football field, Cantona's life height is still unattainable by many people.


Finally, talk about the Crystal Palace fan who was kicked. The fan who abused Cantona is called Matthew Simmons. This guy is not a good stubborn. During the trial, he actually used a choke technique against the prosecutors in the courtroom. Six bailiffs were dispatched in the court to pull him apart. It can be seen that he is not just talking, otherwise it will be difficult to bear it. Cantona's flying kick and a few old punches. After the incident, Simmons was accused by many fans, and threatening letters such as death notices were sent to his home like snowflakes.

最后,谈谈被踢倒的水晶宫迷。滥用坎通纳的球迷叫Matthew Simmons。这个家伙不是一个好固执。在审判期间,他实际上在法庭上对检察官使用了扼流技术。法院派出六名法警将他拉开。可以看出他不只是在说话,否则很难忍受。坎通纳的飞脚和一些老拳。事发后,席梦思被许多歌迷指责,而诸如死亡通知之类的威胁性信件也像雪花一样被送到了他的家中。

After getting married, Simmons sent his son to play football, but in August 2010, the junior Simmons was abandoned by the team coach. According to rumors, the reason for coach Cooper's abandonment was because of Simmons' "honorable history". . After Simmons learned, he beat the coach and was sentenced to 6 months in jail, 150 hours of unpaid community work, and 1,000 pounds in compensation. The jury believes that Simmons' behavior has constituted the standard of football hooliganism. Although Cantona did not comment on this matter, he has always called his kicking the "best moment" of his career, and he presumably agrees with the jury's opinions.

结婚后,席梦思(Simmons)派儿子去踢足球,但2010年8月,初中的席梦思(Simons)被球队教练遗弃。有传言说,库珀教练被遗弃的原因是西蒙斯的“光荣历史”。 。在西蒙斯得知后,他击败了教练,被判处6个月监禁,150个小时的无偿社区工作和1,000英镑的赔偿。陪审团认为西蒙斯的行为已构成足球流氓行为的标准。尽管Cantona没有对此事发表评论,但他始终称自己踢球是他职业生涯的“最佳时刻”,他大概同意陪审团的意见。

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