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   Li Muhao arrived in Beijing earlier this month. For the first time in his career, he left the Shenzhen men's basketball team, which had been playing for 15 years and joined the new team Beijing Shougang. In the new environment, he learned to organize his emotions, adapt to the rhythm of the new team, feel the warmth brought by his new teammates, and look forward to new breakthroughs.


  [Star File]


  Birthday: 1992/6/2 Height: 2.19 meters Weight: 115 kg Team: Beijing Shougang Position: Center


  Last season regular season average data


   25.9 minutes

25.9 分钟

   11.5 score


   6.2 rebounds


  1.2 blocks


   59.1% hit rate




  Farewell to Shenzhen, pack things and shed tears


   The regular season of last season was coming to an end, and there was news that Li Muhao and the Shenzhen men’s basketball team might leave the team after the contract expires. Several teams including Beijing and Shanghai are actively operating, hoping to introduce the league’s top domestic center forward.


   Finally, Ahao chose Shougang. On the afternoon of September 1, fans slogans welcome outside Terminal 2 of Capital International Airport-they have been admired for a long time, and finally become rich-the first half is a true portrayal of Shougang's desire to introduce Li Muhao. Especially in the 2018-2019 season's top 8 playoffs, it suffered a major reversal of 3 consecutive draws. Shougang has experienced how "painful" the Shenzhen team led by Li Muhao is.

最后,阿豪选择了首钢。 9月1日下午,粉丝们的口号在首都国际机场2号航站楼外迎来了很长一段时间,人们对此一直钦佩不已,并最终致富。上半年真是对首钢介绍李慕好的渴望的真实写照。特别是在2018-2019赛季的前8个季后赛中,它经历了连续3次抽签的重大逆转。首钢经历了李慕好带领的深圳队的痛苦。

   Also from the beginning of that season, Ah Hao was troubled by nasal polyps, and in the later stage he basically relied on his mouth to breathe, but he persisted throughout the season and helped the Shenzhen team to enter the top 4. After that, he underwent surgery during the offseason and did not resume training until one month before the 2019-2020 season. This affected his performance in the season. The Shenzhen team also showed a cliff-like decline. Li Muhao and the team were both affected. Many doubts. Some local media even urge the Shenzhen team to reuse younger insiders such as Shen Zijie and Zhao Yiming, who are on the rise.


For Li Muhao, whether it is the past Dongguan New Century or the current Shenzhen pilot, from his entry into the youth team in 2005 to the 10th CBA season this summer, it is inevitable to leave his home team, not to mention this The 28-year-old man has a delicate mind. "I packed my luggage before leaving, and I shed tears when I saw something." Li Muhao said with emotion. In the 15 years of the Shenzhen team, he spent more time with the team than with his family. This is the starting point of his career. Many exclusive memories that cannot be erased.

对于李木浩来说,无论是过去的东莞新世纪还是现在的深圳飞行员,从他从2005年加入青年队到今年夏天的第十个CBA赛季,都不可避免地要离开他的主队,更不用说这28岁的男人头脑清淡。 “我在离开之前收拾好行李,看到东西时流下了眼泪。”李木浩感慨地说。在深圳队的15年中,他在团队中度过的时间比与家人在一起的时间更多。这是他职业生涯的起点。许多无法删除的独家记忆。

   "Learning to say goodbye is also part of growing up." Those close to him soothed Ahao, and the support of his family helped him get through this hurdle. After bidding farewell to the warm and humid Guangdong and coming to Beijing, A Hao packed up his mood and tried to deal with the team reporters of the new group, talking about the dry, cool and short autumn here.



   Come to Beijing to have a banquet and eat fried noodles


   Li Muhao said that in the most emotionally tested period, he was fortunate to have the enlightenment and company of his good brother Zhai Xiaochuan.


   The friendship of calling each other "cousin, cousin" since they were teenagers has not changed anything because of being a rival for ten years. In the process of advancing this long-awaited transfer, the Shougang captain has done a lot of work, and as soon as the contract is negotiated, he can't wait to interact with his "cousin" on social media. Due to the new season registration management regulations, after the CBA league has approved the registration qualifications, the club can officially announce it. Shougang used the "captain announcement" method to welcome new players as soon as possible.


  In September, Li Muhao stepped into a new career stop on the "first day of school". Zhai Xiaochuan personally took him from the airport to the team dormitory, and that night he was picked up by his cousin in his restaurant. Knowing that Li Muhao missed the old Beijing fried noodles, Xiaochuan specially hosted a family dinner. Friendship between boys is usually more actions than words. Faced with the psychological massage of good brothers, the care inside and outside the stadium has been improved after getting along day and night. Some introverted Ahao said bluntly: "I rarely thank Xiaochuan before, but I must thank him especially during this time."


   After training with the team for 3 weeks, Li Muhao gradually became familiar with the Shougang family. He would make trouble for Zhang Cairen during his shooting warm-up, make jokes with Fang Shuo while drinking water, or discuss some technical and tactical details with the captain and deputy captain. He is no stranger to this Shougang team. In the past 10 years, in addition to playing against most of them, he has been teammates with Zhu Yanxi, Fang Shuo, Duan Jiangpeng and others during the national team training. Knowing each other has laid a good foundation for establishing a tacit understanding. Foundation.


   Ahao said that although the integration into the team is tight and the task is heavy, the whole process has been treated well by everyone. "My teammates are very kind to me. I invited me to dinner. After I came, I felt very warm. The training atmosphere was like getting along with each other in peacetime, and it felt like a big family. And President Qin (Shougang Club Chairman Qin Xiaowen) also transferred me A lot has been paid, including a lot of advice to me, helping me to ease my emotions."

阿豪说,尽管与团队的整合非常紧密,任务很繁重,但是整个过程都得到了所有人的良好对待。 “我的队友对我很友善。我邀请亚博的官网登录手机登录我共进晚餐。我来之后,我感到非常温暖。训练的气氛就像和平时期的相处,就像一个大家庭。还有秦校长(首钢俱乐部主席秦晓文也转给了我很多报酬,包括给我很多建议,帮助我缓解情绪。”

assimilate into


   training class "smooth the skin" to pass the level


   On September 21, another powerful insider Fan Ziming joined the joint training. Shougang, who has been troubled by the shortcomings of insiders for many years, had a top-tier domestically produced "twin tower".


   In the interview arranged by the club, Li Muhao also brought an extra surprise-the first time the "Twin Towers" were combined, the "air connection connection" was staged, and there were contacts. His teammates opened his arms to Li Muhao, who had just arrived, and now he also welcomes newer teammates in his own way.


   Shougang's training intensity is so high that it is famous in CBA, and many new members have to be "skinned" to adapt. Li Muhao not only didn't complain, but took pleasure in it. "This year's offseason is already short, and the game will start soon. I need to spend more time and energy into daily training." He said.

首钢的训练强度如此之高,以至于在CBA中广为人知,因此许多新成员必须“剥皮”才能适应。李木浩不仅没有抱怨,而且很高兴。 “今年的休赛期已经很短了,比赛将很快开始。我需要花费更多的时间和精力进行日常训练。”他说。

   Xie Libin is conscientious in training. A simple pass training will repeatedly emphasize that the two newly-joined insiders receive the ball in different positions. He requires everyone to observe carefully. Details such as these run through the daily training, so that the new members feel at ease.


   Shougang is the best defensive team in the league. After joining Li Muhao, he also consciously started from grabbing rebounds and defending the basket. This made Xie Libin praise him. "Through the previous games and the period of co-training, Ahao saw some problems in the team's interior, such as supplements, assisting defenses, including rebounds and interior protection, all of which need him to do. He defends himself. The positioning of the end is still accurate.” Xie Libin told the Beijing News reporter, “Shougang’s offense has a lot of pick-and-roll cooperation, and Ahao’s pick-and-roll deterrence will definitely be greater. According to the principle of overall offensive, given time, I believe he can perform better. Great effect."

首钢是联盟中最好的防守球队。加入李木浩之后,他也有意识地从抢篮板和防守篮筐开始。这使谢立斌称赞他。 “在之前的比赛和联合训练期间,阿豪看到了球队内部的一些问题,例如补篮,助攻,包括篮板和内部保护,这些都是他需要做的。他为自己辩护。最终还是准确的。”谢立斌告诉《新京报》记者,“首钢的进攻在挡拆方面有很多合作,而阿豪的挡拆威慑肯定会更大。根据总体进攻的原则,给定时间,我相信他可以表现更好。效果很好。”

   A strong alliance such as "Brothers into the rich" will inevitably bear the pressure of external expectations. In Li Muhao's view, since he can't avoid it, accept the challenge. "There are indeed many things to learn, including Fan Ziming. We need to do it step by step. We also hope that the fans will give us some time to adapt to the team. We will definitely go all out to do a good job." He said.

一个强大的联盟,例如“富国兄弟”,将不可避免地承受外部期望的压力。李木浩认为,既然他无法回避,那就接受挑战。 “确实有很多东西要学习,包括范子明。我们需要一步一步地做。我们也希望球迷们给我们一些时间来适应球队。我们一定会全力以赴做好工作。 。”他说。

Write by   /Beijing News reporter Liu Chen


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