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The final round of the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League will be held on September 27th and 28th. The last championship ticket of Group A will be decided between Shenhua and Kaisa. The second group between Luneng and Suning will also belong to the group. To be clarified; the main point of Group B is the ranking of the 3rd and 4th places of Modern and China Fortune, and who will play against Evergrande in the second stage.

2020年中国超级联赛第一阶段的决赛将于9月27日至28日举行。 A组的最后一张冠军门票将在申花和凯萨之间决定。鲁能和苏宁之间的第二组也将属于该组。有待澄清; B组的要点是《现代》和《中国财富》的第三和第四名的排名,他们将在第二阶段与恒大对决。













   Luneng defeated Kaisa and Jianye after 4 rounds of invincibility. The suspense of the group's second ownership between Luneng and Suning and the opponents in the second stage have improved the focus of this round. Guedes, who has proven to supplement the team's attack line, is worthy of attention. Luneng beat R&F 5-1 in the first round of the season.


   R&F’s 3-round undefeated trend was ended by Shenhua in the last round, and thus entered the second stage of the relegation group and has already made it clear that it will play against Huanghai Qinggang. For R&F, which has experienced the impact of a coaching change, Zahavi’s departure, and injury, it is the main point before the relegation war to improve stability as much as possible. Luneng’s opponent is very important for training. In addition to the big score in the first round of this season, R&F last season The total score is 2-6 by Luneng.













Shenhua amplified the previous 4 consecutive draws by defeating R&F in the last round, leading Kaisa by 1 point to enter the first stage of the final match, and this round of the match is relatively dominant, avoiding "losing success" due to its own problems is obviously basic point. Shenhua drew 0-0 with Jianye in the first round of this season.


The six-game losing streak Jianye has made clear the task of the second stage of the relegation battle in advance. Whether it can prevent Shenhua from entering the championship group is relatively unimportant. More importantly, it can improve the team's state while avoiding injuries and consumption. From the perspective of 31 goals conceded so far this season (the most in the Super League) and the next means of seeking relegation, the focus of this round of testing is defense.














   Kaisa needs to play its own game in this round first, and then look at the chance to hit the championship group. Kaisa has not beaten the top four teams in the group this season, and it is not easy to achieve a breakthrough this round. Kaisa drew 1-1 with Suning in the first leg of this season, and was eliminated by Suning under the situation of the Football Association Cup lineup.


   Suning defeated Evergrande in a fierce confrontation in the last round. The attack line led by Teixeira and Edel once again proved the state. The effect of Vakaso's reinforcement of the midfield is also obvious. The overall situation is conducive to the second stage of the championship. Judging from the situation of the match, the theoretical difficulty of Suning's second position is relatively greater than that of Luneng. It is more important for the first stage to finish smoothly.














   Evergrande lost to Suning after the 5-game winning streak was ended, compared to the situation that has locked the first place in Group A in advance, losing does not have much impact, but the mood swings and injury problems that occurred in Suning’s World War I need to increase the sense of urgency. The individual player's state fluctuations have hidden concerns for the second stage, and Cannavaro's corresponding transfers and personnel selection are more interesting.


   The Dalian native lost R&F and Kaisa in the past two rounds. There is a certain chance and a certain upward momentum, but there is indeed a pity for the team to miss the championship, but the data of only 2 wins from the first 13 rounds looks very reasonable. Once again, Evergrande proves that strength has a certain meaning, and more importantly, it is actively preparing for the relegation competition. Dalian team drew with Evergrande 2-2 in the first round of this season.














Guoan lost to SIPG in the last round and suffered a double-kill with SIPG this season. Public opinion from all parties started hot discussions after the game, and Guoan sentiment also fluctuated significantly. Judging from the fact that the actual combat has not done a good job of self-control in certain periods, Guoan is getting better The second stage of highlighting the difficulty of the competition is more worrying. The main point of this round is not how to get back the feeling of winning, but whether it can perform the skills and tactics stably and down-to-earth, and stabilize the mentality as soon as possible.


   Yongchang lost to SIPG and Dangdai in the past two rounds, and has been determined to enter the second stage of the relegation group. The opponents of the relegation group will be formed between Dalian people and Jianye. Yongchang, who is currently ranked No. 5 in Group B, has a certain amount of room for deployment. The most significant thing is that Muric and Matthews have fully recovered. In the first round of this season, Yongchang drew with Guoan 2-2. The execution and mental stability in response to various situations were more positive.














   TEDA lost 0-3 in the last round to Huanghai Qinggang, the second-to-last in Group B, once again showing the objectivity of this season's declining record. This round is the last chance for TEDA to avoid no wins in the first stage, and it is also the last chance for the relegation group to run in before the start of the competition. Whether the attack line can boost itself is more important (only 8 goals this season). TEDA lost 1-2 to Zall in the first leg of the season.

泰达在最后一轮比赛中以0-3输给了B组倒数第二的黄海青冈,再次证明了本赛季下降纪录的客观性。本轮比赛是泰达在第一阶段避免没有获胜的最后机会,也是降级小组在比赛开始前参加比赛的最后机会。进攻线是否能够自我提升更为重要(本赛季只有8个进球)。 TEDA在本赛季的第一回合中输给了Zall。

   Zall dropped straight to the second stage of the relegation group in a 4-game losing streak. The coaching changes that have been made indicate the pressure the team is under. The lack of foreign aid allocation and injuries are the main reasons for the decline in the record, and there are also greater concerns about subsequent matches. As far as possible, all details should be better and better. Zall is very important. Judging from the current round of the match, Zall's chance of being fifth in the group is relatively greater than Yongchang, which can be understood as a test of Zall's ability to control details.

扎尔(Zall)在4连败中直降到保级组的第二阶段。进行的教练更改指示团队承受的压力。缺乏外援分配和伤病是战绩下降的主要原因,并且对随后的比赛也有更多的担忧。尽可能所有细节都应越来越好。 Zall非常重要。从本轮比赛来看,扎尔在小组赛中排名第五的机会要比永昌大得多,这可以理解为对扎尔控制细节能力的考验。













With its 5-game winning streak, Dangdai added heat to the second stage of the first stage of the Chinese Super League. Dangdai not only locked in the championship seat in advance, but also has the possibility of disrupting the championship group in terms of core foreign aid status and team momentum. This round can be understood as a corresponding inspection and rehearsal. In the first round of this season, Modern Times lost 0-3 to SIPG. Not long ago, Modern Times lost 2-3 to SIPG in the Football Association Cup competition, which put some pressure on SIPG.


SIPG secured the top spot in Group B in advance after double-killing Guoan. The number of wins with 10 wins tied Evergrande. The total score of 32 points surpassed Evergrande (31 points) and continued to maintain the least number of goals conceded (10 goals). It has a certain positive meaning; and the various situations that emerged in the First World War of National Security also need to adjust the mentality of SIPG. This round highlights the task of seeking a smooth conclusion of the first stage.














China Fortune Landscaping locked in the championship seat in advance, but there is still suspense of the third and fourth place in the group with Modern Times. This will determine who is in the championship group against Evergrande. From this round of competition, see China Fortune Landing for third The opportunity is relatively greater than contemporary. Malkang has scored in the last five games, and the state of the attack line centered on him is good for China's happiness.


Huanghai Qinggang defeated TEDA in the last round and ended a 6-game losing streak. The morale of the team has been boosted. But on the other hand, the first 13 rounds of 2 wins were all taken from TEDA. Huanghai Qinggang’s strength in the Super League is not very clear. The subsequent uncertainty is greater. In the first round of this season, Huanghai Qinggang lost 1-2 to China Fortune, and Alessandrini was sent off with a red card. This game was a turning point in Huanghai Qinggang's record. This round needs to fully learn from experience and lessons.




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