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The five major European leagues have been fully opened. In a match in the second round of Serie A in the early hours of this morning, Inter Milan 4-3 Fiorentina, Argentine striker Lautaro not only scored an equalizer in the first half stoppage time, but also In the 52nd minute, it seemed to pass and shoot in the opponent's penalty area, creating the opponent's own own. Lautaro's long-range goal this morning was the fourth long-range shot he scored in all competitions in 2020, ranking third in the long-range goal list of the top five European leagues this year. After the game, Lautaro, who made two goals, also won the highest score of the Inter Milan team.


Tonight and tomorrow morning Beijing time, there are still many Argentine strikers playing for their respective clubs. Among them, Messi, Ocampos, Correa, and Dybala are the most anticipated.


At 3 o'clock tomorrow morning Beijing time, Barcelona will play against Huang Qian at home. This is Coman's La Liga debut. Messi's performance has attracted much attention from the outside world. Since Suarez has just left the team, Messi has not yet calmed down from his anger, and previously criticized the inhumanity of Barcelona's top management. However, as a very dedicated and great player, Messi knows that dissatisfaction with the top is two different things from being dedicated on the court. Although Barcelona is facing reconstruction and serious brain drain, Huang Qian coach Emery also claimed that this is the best chance to defeat Barcelona. But as far as Messi is concerned, helping Barcelona get the first victory by scoring or making the ball is the best consolation for Sue Ya's departure.


In the last European Super Cup final, Ocampos scored a penalty, but Sevilla still lost 1-2 to Bayern. At 0:30 tomorrow morning Beijing time, Sevilla will play away against newly promoted Cadiz in the first game of La Liga. Of course, Sevilla must take all 3 points. Ocampos will definitely want to use a goal to welcome the team. First win in La Liga. At the same time, the South American World Cup preliminaries will start on the 8th of next month. Ocampos definitely wants to continue to gain a main position in Scaroni, so as to partner with Messi and Lautaro as forwards.

在上届欧洲超级杯决赛中,奥坎波斯获得点球,但塞维利亚仍然以1-2输给拜仁。北京时间明天早晨0:30,塞维利亚将在西甲首场比赛中与新晋加的斯队对决。当然,塞维利亚必须拿下所有3分。 Ocampos肯定会使用一个目标来欢迎团队。西甲首胜。同时,南美世界杯预赛将于下个月8日开始。 Ocampos绝对希望继续在Scaroni中获得主要职位,以便与Messi和Lautaro成为前锋。

Atletico Madrid will host Granada at 22:00 tonight. The highlight of this game is of course Suarez, who has just joined. But the Argentine star Correa is also very worthy of attention and expectation. Tonight is Atletico Madrid's La Liga first match of the season, and Simeone's team is definitely looking for a first victory or even a big victory. After all, Su Ya’s strength is stronger than Morata, and Correa can play a role as a booster between Felix, Suarez or Costa. Correa may not be able to score tonight, but assists or making goals are still very possible. In an interview before the game, Correa said simply: "Play a wonderful game and leave 3 points at home."


According to fame, Dybala is second only to Messi. The reason why Dybala is put behind is that he has just recovered from his injury and entered the big squad. In the early morning Beijing time tomorrow morning, he will play in Rome. If he can play, coach Pirlo said at the pre-match press conference that he still needs to evaluate. However, the media have predicted that Dybala and new aid Morata will be on standby on the bench. For Dybala, as long as he is given even one minute, he will have the opportunity to score goals for Ronaldo. Of course, Dybala would like to use his appearance in the morning to announce to Scaloni that his body is not serious and he can participate in the South American World Preliminaries.

根据成名,迪巴拉仅次于梅西。 Dybala被甩在后面的原因是他刚刚从受伤中恢复过来并进入了大阵容。北京时间明天清晨,他将在罗马演出。皮尔洛教练在赛前新闻发布会上说,如果他能参加比赛,他仍需要评估。但是,媒体预测Dybala和新的援助Morata将在替补席上待命。对于迪巴拉来说,只要给他一分钟,他就有机会为罗纳尔多进球。当然,迪巴拉(Dybala)希望在早晨使用他的外表向斯卡洛尼(Scaloni)宣布自己的身体并不严重,他可以参加南美世界预赛。

Some fans may ask: Why did you forget to write Di Maria? Was it just because he was left out of the Argentine squad? In fact, this is not the case. Correa mentioned above was not selected for the national team squad. Did not write Di Maria because he has been suspended. Three days ago, the French Football Association officially announced that Di Maria was suspended for 4 games for spitting at his opponent during the game.

一些粉丝可能会问:您为什么忘记写Di Maria?仅仅是因为他被排除在阿根廷队之外吗?实际上,事实并非如此。上面提到的科雷亚没有入选国家队。没有写Di Maria,因为他已经被停职。三天前,法国足球协会正式宣布迪·玛丽亚因在比赛中向对手吐口水而被停赛4场。

This means that the Angels will miss the next games against Reims, Angers, Nimes and Dijon, and will not be able to lift the ban and return until early November. This is a big blow to Paris. For fans, this is also a big loss. After all, the Angels were the best performers in Paris on all fronts (including the Champions League) last season, and they even surpassed Neymar and Mbappé who often missed matches due to injuries.


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