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Athletic reporter Jack Lang wrote an article to introduce fans to some short stories of the growth of Manchester United’s new aid Teles, and let us know what kind of player he is.

体育记者杰克·朗(Jack Lang)写了一篇文章,向球迷们介绍有关曼联新援特莱斯(Teles)成长的一些简短故事,并让我们知道他是什么样的球员。

Tres made his debut in Brazil's Juventus. In 2012, at the age of 19, he moved to Gremio. A year later, Telles ushered in his first show. The opponent was Quito University. The first time Telles did not have stage fright, helped the team beat the opponent 1-0 in 90 minutes and equalized the total score. In the penalty shootout, he unexpectedly took the initiative to ask Ying to stand on the penalty spot, and made a steady penalty in the sixth round to help Gremio eliminate his opponent in the penalty shootout.

特雷斯(Tres)在巴西尤文图斯(Juventus)出道。 2012年,他19岁,移居到Gremio。一年后,泰勒斯(Telles)迎来了他的第一场演出。对手是基多大学。 Telles第一次没有表现出恐惧感,帮助球队在90分钟内以1-0击败对手并扳平了总比分。在点球大战中,他出人意料地主动要求应颖站在点球线上,并在第六轮稳步点球,以帮助Gremio在点球大战中淘汰对手。

Although the position on the field is left-back, Telis is the first penalty shooter in Porto. He has taken 20 penalties in his career and scored 16 times with an 80% success rate. "It's part of his personality," recalls Da Rosa, Telles' enlightenment coach. "He didn't feel pressured. Every game was the same for him. He was very strong psychologically."

尽管该领域的位置是左后卫,但Telis是波尔图的第一个点球手。他一生中受到20次点球,并得分16次,成功率达80%。泰勒斯的启蒙教练达罗莎回忆说:“这是他个性的一部分。” “他没有压力。他的每场比赛都一样。他的心理非常强壮。”

Tres’ offensive ability left a deep impression on Rosa: “His skills are excellent and he has a high ball quotient. He has played many positions: full-back, central-back, midfielder, midfielder, winger. He is often on the court. Get inspired, use set balls to solve problems, or pass the ball precisely into the penalty area for teammates to score."


After landing in Europe, Telis gradually changed his style and became more stable on the defensive end. After a period of adaptation, Teles gradually became the best left-back in Portugal.


However, in the early days, Tell's career was not smooth sailing. Rosa recalled: "He encountered some problems with his physical strength. At that time, he was very weak. At the age of 9 he was about the same size as a 7-year-old kid. Because of his body shape, he was often left alone. Angry, but he is not the kind of kid who can only vent his anger. He will lower his posture and prove that he is worthy of his position in the team. This is very mature. He always faces challenges with a smile. His physical weakness makes him have to We must do our best in spirit and technology."


There is a conspicuous scar above Teles' ear, which is a souvenir that he himself called the "Trial of Fire". In the match against Brazil International, Teles was seriously injured, his nose kept bleeding, and even a big dent could be seen on his forehead. Telis had to undergo skull surgery, and doctors fixed his skull with metal plates and screws to help the wound heal. He took a truce for 3 months, but he never shy away from this wound: "I am not ashamed of it, this is a symbol of my career." After returning, Tres defeated former Gunners guard Andre- Santos, became the team's main left back.

Teles的耳朵上方有明显的疤痕,这是他本人称为“火之审判”的纪念品。在与巴西国际队的比赛中,Teles身受重伤,鼻子不断流血,甚至额头上也可见一个大凹痕。 Telis必须接受颅骨手术,医生用金属板和螺钉固定了颅骨,以帮助伤口愈合。他休了三个月的休战期,但他从不回避这个伤口:“我不为此感到羞耻,这是我职业的象征。”回国后,特雷斯击败了前枪手后卫安德烈·桑托斯,成为球队的主要左后卫。

Outside the court, Tellis is very low-key. When there is no game, he likes to stay at home instead of going out. In Brazil, he received a two-year degree in physical education from a local university.


"He is our exhaust valve. He has a strong presence when attacking." Former teammate Bressan said.


"He is fierce, he has this desire, it is this spirit and his technical ability that made him into the first team, and let other clubs notice him." Former Gremio director Chavarre Jr. commented.

“他很凶悍,他有这种愿望,正是这种精神和他的技术能力使他成为了第一支球队,并让其他俱乐部注意到了他。”前Gremio导演Chavarre Jr.发表评论。

Regarding Teles’ technique, Pedro Cunha, an editor of the Portuguese football website MaisFutebol, commented: “His offensive ability is extremely strong. In addition to scoring goals, his biggest advantage is to cross. It's not just a'cross', it's simply hitting the ball directly on his teammates. He can always create scoring opportunities for forwards. In addition, he often scores double-digit goals in a single season. I have followed Porto for 40 years and he is the club The best left back in team history, his departure left a huge hole."

关于Teles的技术,葡萄牙足球网站MaisFutebol的编辑Pedro Cunha表示:“他的进攻能力非常强。除了得分目标,他最大的优势就是传中。这不仅是“十字架”,还只是直接在队友身上击球。他总是可以为前锋创造得分机会。此外,他经常在单个赛季中取得两位数的进球。我跟随波尔图已经40年了,他是俱乐部历史上最好的左后卫,他的离开留下了巨大的空白。”

Portugal international Andre has been teammates with Tres for two years. His evaluation is this: "For a good forward, Tres's cross is worth half a goal."


Many people will ask: If Teles is really so good, why did he land in the five major leagues to join the giants at the age of 28? In fact, in the past few years, the rich clubs have been interested in him. Paris was close to signing him. Chelsea, Inter Milan, Juventus and other rich clubs are also interested in him. The name of Manchester United is not only associated with Teles this year. The failure to make the trip was due to Porto’s unwillingness to let go of the core members of the formation, and on the other hand that his liquidated damages of 40 million euros were slightly high.


As a typical Brazilian player (referring to Lotte's character), Telis should be able to get along with his new teammates and coaches quickly. He is loved by fans in Porto and has a good relationship with his teammates. When the club won the championship, Telles, who held the cup, shed tears. This scene also moved many people. At the wedding, Tres also invited the enlightenment coach Rosa. At the beginning of this year, the Juventus youth training department encountered difficulties due to the epidemic, and Teles helped them solve their economic problems. "We once wanted to return the money to him, but Teles was determined not to." Rosa said moved.

作为典型的巴西球员(指的是乐天的角色),Telis应该能够与他的新队友和教练快速相处。他受到波尔图球迷的喜爱,并且与队友有着良好的关系。当俱乐部获得冠军时,捧杯的特勒斯流下了眼泪。这一幕也感动了很多人。在婚礼上,特雷斯还邀请了启蒙教练罗莎(Rosa)。今年年初,尤文图斯青年训练部门由于该流行病而遇到困难,而Teles帮助他们解决了经济问题。 “我们曾经想把钱还给他,但特莱斯决心不这样做。”罗莎说动了。

Such a personality and emotional intelligence should help Telles quickly integrate into the Manchester United family.


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