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Hamsik left Dalian to return to Slovakia to play for the national team. It was originally a training session for the international game day, but the Dalian native did not register for Hamsik in the second stage of the league, confirming the rumors that Hamsik had left the team. . Coupled with the newly introduced midfielder Jairsen from Dalian, it can be seen that the Dalian people have basically bid farewell to Hamsik. After playing for a year and a half, Hamsik left the football city of Dalian in disgrace.

哈姆西克离开大连返回斯洛伐克,为国家队效力。这原本是国际比赛日的培训课程,但这位大连本地人没有在联赛第二阶段报名参加Hamsik,这印证了Hamsik离开球队的传闻。 。加上刚从大连引进来的中场球员贾尔森,可以看出大连人已经基本告别了哈姆西克。经过一年半的比赛,哈姆西克耻辱地离开了足球城市大连。

So why did Hamsik leave Dalian? In fact, whether it is the earliest Modest and Witsel, or Zahavi and Saba who have left this season, as well as Hamsik and Zahavi who have already left, Chinese foreign aids have left in groups, and their salary income Far beyond the level of Europe, why did foreign aid give up the opportunity to make money but insisted on returning to Europe? Let's take Hamsik as an example to talk about the reasons.


Unlike a group of Brazilian players such as Exon and Goulart who learn Chinese and integrate into Chinese society, European players cannot be naturalized. Their only purpose in coming to China is to make money. Under the operation of the agent, the Chinese Super League is packaged as a league that can make big money without hard work. After all, the level of Chinese football is limited. After receiving this information, foreign players are willing to come. Hamsik believes that the Chinese Super League is a pensionable league. As long as you walk, you don't need to shoot, you don't need to fight to make enough money. But in reality, the Super League is not high, but the fight is fierce. Although the defensive level is weak, the midfielders are almost all high-level foreign players. This caught Hamsik by surprise, what about "walking for money"?


Just like Zhou Jun, the former general manager of Dalian Yifang, said, foreign players must have a certain understanding of Chinese football. Without understanding Chinese culture and social environment, it is difficult to truly honor the team. We see that Hamsik "does not learn Chinese, does not communicate with his teammates, does not direct the game on the field." The three-no policy makes it difficult for him to cooperate with the team tacitly. His heart is contradictory. He originally wanted to make money easily. How could he still learn the language? How could he rely on me to score goals?


Because of this, Hamsik still chose to leave when his next home was unclear.


We can see from the data that although Hamsik is the player who runs the most distance in the Super League, his ability to create opportunities, shooting ability and assisting ability is a certain gap with other clubs' foreign aid. Hamsik, now 33 years old, was a player who could score and assist in Naples. However, after coming to the Super League, the decline in his state and lack of subjective initiative led to Hamsik joining for a year and a half. Only scored 4 goals and 2 assists. We must know that when the team replaced Gatan (Dalian Yifang 28 games, 2 goals and 7 assists), it was to buy a big-name player who could score goals and assists, but now things are counterproductive. , Hamsik's role is far smaller than Gatan's role in the team is very embarrassing.

从数据中我们可以看到,尽管哈姆西克是中超联赛中跑得最多的球员,但他创造机会,投篮能力和助攻能力与其他俱乐部的外援仍有一定差距。哈姆西克现年33岁,是一位可以得分并协助那不勒斯的球员。然而,进入超级联赛后,他的状态下降和缺乏主观能动性导致哈姆西克加入了一年半。只进了4球和2助攻。我们必须知道,当球队取代加坦时(大连伊芳28场比赛,进球2次,助攻7次),这是要买一个可以进球和助攻的大牌球员,但现在事与愿违。 亚博的官网登录手机登录,哈姆西克的角色远小于加坦在团队中的角色非常尴尬。

In Benitez’s tactics, all players are required to run, while increasing longitudinal passes and crosses to deliver artillery shells for center Longdong, while Hamsik delivers lateral safety balls mostly on the field and does not contribute. Through and threatening the ball, the average number of passes for Longdong in each game is very few. In addition, his ability to hold the ball and break through people has declined, so Hamsik has almost no wonderful outstanding on the court, in most cases. After receiving the ball, he quickly passed the ball and became "a robot player".


The Dalian people urgently need a Paulinho-style foreign aid who can defend, organize goals, advance with the ball, and score goals. It's a pity that Hamsik can't do anything.


In the context of the Chinese Super League's salary restrictions, foreign players cannot get more salaries. For Hamsik, he cannot find a job immediately after returning to Europe, and he needs to wait for the winter window that opens in January to find his next home again. Due to the impact of the epidemic, he has not been reunited with his wife Martina and three sons for half a year, causing Hamsik to even more hope to leave China and be with his family.


According to reports, Hamsik’s son Christian has already started his football career in a Slovakian club. Hamsik hopes to return home to coach this son to play football. In addition, he also has his own football school in Slovakia, leading to Hamsik’s career. The focus is not on China. He himself has no plans to return to China after the International Game Day. These foreign players, including Shalawi, would rather return to Europe for two months without playing a game than stay in China to contribute to the team, compete with the team or relegation. From this point, Hamsik is less professional and dedicated than Carrasco. You must know that Carrasco hoped to return to Europe early, but he still fulfilled his two-year contract and helped the team to return to Europe after relegation smoothly. Now that the Dalianese may lose Longdong, Hamsik leaves the team, adding uncertainty to the team's matchup with Shijiazhuang Yongchang in the relegation group.

据报道,哈姆西克(Hamsik)的儿子克里斯蒂安(Christian)已经在斯洛伐克俱乐部开始了他的足球生涯。 Hamsik希望回国指导这个儿子​​踢足球。此外,他还在斯洛伐克拥有自己的足球学校,这带动了哈姆西克的职业生涯。重点不在中国。在国际游戏日之后,他本人没有计划返回中国。包括Shalawi在内的这些外国球员宁愿不参加比赛就回到欧洲两个月,而宁愿留在中国为球队做出贡献,与球队竞争或降级。从这一点来看,哈姆西克不像卡拉斯科那样专业和敬业。您必须知道,卡拉斯科希望早日重返欧洲,但他仍然履行了为期两年的合同,并帮助球队顺利降级后重返欧洲。现在大连人可能会输掉Long东,哈姆西克离开了球队,这给保级小组与石家庄永昌队的对决增加了不确定性。

Hamsik’s departure from the team also announced the failure of Dalian Yifang’s signings in the 2019 season. After replacing Gatan, Hamsik’s performance was not as good as Gatan. This not only delayed the team’s performance, but also really failed to improve the team’s performance. Overall strength. Hamsik has been questioned since the first three games on behalf of the team. Now it has been a year and a half, and his performance is not satisfactory. It is reasonable and normal to get together and stay away.


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