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The World Series and the Intercontinental Games have settled on their doorsteps, and being able to watch high-level matches on site is what Chinese fans are eagerly looking forward to. After many efforts, China has won the right to host two professional football events, the new 2021 World Club Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup. At the same time, as the 2022 Asian Games settled in Hangzhou, the best U23 team in Asia And the women's football team will also gather together, and the Chinese football world is bound to set off a "big game fever".


How to seize the short-term "big game fever" opportunity and turn it into a long-term "football fever" that penetrates the soil is a key issue that people from all walks of life in China need to discuss and make unremitting efforts. In this regard, the Chinese Football Association has made a four-point outlook for the holding of the three competitions in terms of creating an atmosphere for football development, enhancing international influence, driving the development of the sports industry, and enhancing the international influence of Chinese football:


1. This is a major measure to implement the "Overall Plan for the Reform and Development of Chinese Football" and accelerate the promotion and development of football in my country. It will have a profound impact on the reform and development of Chinese football.


2. It will play a positive role in enhancing my country's international influence and soft power and strengthening international exchanges.


3. It will strongly promote the construction of urban infrastructure,


4. It will further enhance the international influence and voice of Chinese football, and create a good external environment for the development of Chinese football.


(1) Three major tournaments = train more fans + more young people to the stadium


The cultivation of fan culture requires high-level match attraction. In Europe, the center of world football, whether it is the five major leagues or the European Cup national teams, there are a large number of fans who follow them. They are not utilitarian, and some just enjoy football and a match. The caring of the team and the love of football, which often make fans sigh and excitement, are the embodiment of football culture.


With the size of our population, the fan group is not yet huge. According to the statistics of the World Football Report released by Nielsen Sports in 2018, in terms of the population interested in football, China increased from 27% in 2013 to 32% in 2017, India increased from 30% to 45%, and the United States increased from 28% to 32%. In the ratio of football fans to the country’s total population, the UAE ranks first with 80%. This has a lot to do with Emirates, Etihad’s sponsorship of top European clubs, and the Abu Dhabi consortium owning football clubs such as Manchester City. Thailand ranks second with 78%, Chile, Portugal, and Turkey are all 75%, Mexico is 73%, Spain and South Africa are 70%, Italy, Poland, South Korea are 67%, and China is not in the top 20. In other words, there is still great potential for the expansion of China's football fan base. The holding of a football competition will undoubtedly stimulate this potential.

鉴于我们的人口规模,粉丝群体还不庞大。根据尼尔森体育(Nielsen Sports)在2018年发布的《世界足球报告》的统计数据,就对足球感兴趣的人口而言,中国从2013年的27%增至2017年的32%,印度从30%增至45%,美国州从28%增加到32%。在足球迷与该国总人口的比率中,阿联酋以80%排名第一。这与阿联酋航空,阿联酋顶级欧洲俱乐部的赞助以及拥有足球俱乐部(如曼城)的阿布扎比​​财团有很大关系。泰国排名第二,为78%,智利,葡萄牙和土耳其均为75%,墨西哥为73%,西班牙和南非为70%,意大利,波兰,韩国为67%,中国不在前20名。换句话说,中国足球迷基础的扩大仍有很大潜力。举行足球比赛无疑将激发这种潜力。

Many fans have completely fallen in love with football from a classic game of a World Series. There are also many teenagers who have taken to the stadium to imitate the amazing performance of a world-class star. Hosting the 2021 Club World Cup is just a change. The opportunity for multiplayer football. According to the plan, the Club World Cup will be expanded to 24 teams. The top teams from all continents of the world will gather in China. Currently, the teams that have the right to participate are Real Madrid, Liverpool, Bayern and Atletico Madrid. , Chelsea and Sevilla, the football performances brought by these top European clubs and their own stars will definitely make more people understand football and teenagers willing to try football.


(2) Chinese teams use local advantages to achieve good results, gain confidence and climb the peak


In 2004, China hosted the Asian Cup of Men's Football, and the national football team scored all the way and won the runner-up. Achieving good results, on the one hand, is the advantage of the host, on the other hand, after participating in the World Cup in 2002, that group of international footballers, including the entire Chinese football world, returned to the first-class spirit in Asia. With the foundation of confidence, it is a great influence on the competitive state Guaranteed.


Unfortunately, under the erosion of fake black betting, Chinese football fell to the bottom.


For Chinese football to return to the top in Asia, building confidence with the results of the competition is the first step.


In the 2012 season, Guangzhou Evergrande scored the first AFC Champions League 5-1 and defeated South Korean powerhouse Jeonbuk Hyundai 5-1. In the following year, under the leadership of Lippi, they reached the finals all the way to the final. Rick Seoul FC won the first AFC Champions trophy in Chinese club history. Afterwards, under the positive effect of Jinyuan football, the Chinese club’s competitiveness in the AFC arena has been comprehensively improved, and breakthroughs have been made in results. The team not only did not fail in the competition with top Japanese and Korean clubs, but also often defeated their opponents. The self-confidence of Chinese players began to pick up.

在2012赛季,广州恒大取得了第一个亚冠联赛5-1的冠军,并以5-1击败了韩国实力雄厚的全北现代。第二年,在Lippi的领导下,他们一路杀入决赛。里克·汉城足球俱乐部(Rick Seoul FC)赢得了中国俱乐部历史上第一座亚冠联赛冠军奖杯。此后,在金源足球的积极影响下,中国俱乐部在亚足联领域的竞争力得到了全面提升,并取得了突破。球队不仅没有在与日本和韩国顶级俱乐部的比赛中失败,而且还经常击败对手。中国球员的自信心开始增强。

In the 2015 season, Guangzhou Evergrande won the AFC Champions League again. Zheng Long won the first goal of a Chinese player in the tournament in the Club World Cup. In the 2016 season, Shanghai SIPG and Shandong Luneng also won the AFC Champions League. The breakthrough, both reached the top four in East Asia. It was Huang Bowen and Wu Lei from Evergrande and Shanghai SIPG who scored the goals in the 16-year national football promotion to the top 12 match. Hao Junmin from Luneng assisted and helped the national football team 2- 0 defeated Qatar, only then has the opportunity to participate in the top twelve. This is why when two players are similar in strength, the head coach tends to choose the player with better performance in the club.


It can be seen that whether the Chinese teams and Chinese players can achieve results in the three future competitions, especially the Club World Cup and the Asian Cup, has a vital impact on the future development of Chinese football.


Next year's Club World Cup is tentatively scheduled to be held in June. It is not known whether there will be changes due to the epidemic, but in any case, I believe that relevant parties will strive to keep the first new version of the Club World Cup in China. According to the competition system, this year's Chinese Super League champions will get a place as the host. At the same time, the champions of the East and West Asian regions of the AFC Champions League will each get a ticket. Two Chinese Super League teams entering the local Club World Cup is a goal that clubs need to strive to achieve, especially the four BIG4 teams that represent the strongest strength.


Being able to participate in the Club World Cup once and get a chance to compete with top European and American teams will have a huge motivational effect on players. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for Chinese players to show themselves to the world, and strive to imitate the national football team of the 02 World Cup, and be followed by European scouts after showing themselves in the World Series, thus starting the wave of overseas study.


After the expansion of the Asian Cup, the difficulty of the group stage has been reduced. It can be said that the real quality competition starts from the knockout stage. In the Asian Cup to be held in China in 2023, the Chinese team has to learn lessons to avoid the disaster of the Sino-Iran war. Secondly, after having the right time and place and opening the window of naturalization, the goal should be higher and dare to be in the top four. Within. The performance of the Chinese national team is the face of Chinese football, and it is also an important factor that can greatly influence the people's love for the sport. The local Asian Cup is an opportunity for the national football team to rectify its name, and it is also an opportunity to "break the circle" , The Chinese team can't miss.


(3) The legacy of sports competitions will become a treasure in the development of Chinese football


Next year's Club World Cup is the first after the restructuring. It will be settled in China, which is a great event for Chinese football. In the latest FIFA plan, the future importance of the Club World Cup is almost second only to the World Cup, and there is even a saying that FIFA intends to use it to compete with the Champions League.


To host a high-standard tournament system such as the New World Club Cup can first exercise the domestic operating capabilities of venues and test the organizations of large-scale events, security, and commercial development. As a player in football and sports, he can naturally accumulate valuable experience in organizing and hosting matches through the organization of the World Club Cup. Secondly, for Chinese football, the successful hosting of a Club World Cup can increase China's confidence in bidding for the World Cup in the future.



The first is the construction of hardware facilities. In the future, 15 cities across the country will participate in the hosting of the two major football events (the Club World Cup and the Asian Cup). These two events have relatively high requirements on the venues. Renovation, reconstruction, and new venues will become part of the preparation work. Big focus.


Among the existing professional football stadiums in my country, only the TEDA football stadium in Tianjin can be used directly after a little modification. Construction of two professional football stadiums in Chengdu and Shanghai Pudong has started. According to the preparation time, the Club World Cup venue will be mainly remodeled, and the Asian Cup venue will be rebuilt and newly built.


After the World Club Cup and the Asian Cup, 15 international and professional high-quality football stadiums will be left to China. In addition, the matching high-quality training venues will also reach 100 yuan, and 15 cities will rely on training venues to establish high-level youth training centers.


Just as important as hardware facilities is the improvement of soft power, that is, the promotion of social football culture. From the current stage of my country's football foundation, the construction of football soft power is more important than hardware facilities. While holding events, how to carry out online and offline activities or guide fans to spontaneously organize related activities, so as to upgrade the holding of sports events to a popularization and education of sports for all, this requires efforts from related parties.


For example, during the 1998 World Cup in France, fan watching areas were set up in major national attractions. Among them, the watching area under the Eiffel Tower was the hottest. Since then, every World Cup, the Champ de Mars will set up a fan watching area for fans to gather and watch.


Another example is the eye-catching Vietnam football in Asia in recent years. After a breakthrough, fans voluntarily organize a motorcycle parade on the road.


Whether the host country can leave a rich legacy of physical education and sports popularization has become one of the important indicators to measure the success of a sports competition. We need to develop the football culture formed on the soil of our country from hosting the competition, find a way to meet the common spiritual needs of Chinese fans, and make large-scale football events a part of the daily life of a city. This is a more important link in the next three competitions than improving performance and hardware facilities. Soft power is an important manifestation of comprehensive strength.


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