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Milk tea is on the hot search again.


What detonated the circle of friends this time was "the first cup of milk tea in autumn".


Since then, milk tea has become a must-have product for young people's home life and leisure socializing. Milk tea has never been out of the public eye in 2020. From hot search topics such as "Hey tea, Naixue's tea price increase" and "Barreled bubble tea" during the epidemic to "Autumn's first cup of milk tea" spreading to the circle of friends, it can be seen that contemporary young people love and rely on milk tea drinks .

从那时起,奶茶已成为年轻人家庭生活和休闲社交的必备产品。奶茶在2020年从未脱颖而出。亚博的官网地址从流行期间的“ Hey tea,Naixue's tea价格上涨”和“ Barreled bubble tea”到“秋天的第一杯奶茶”等热门搜索话题广为传播从朋友中可以看出,当代年轻人喜欢并依赖奶茶饮料。

Compared with other fast foods, why is the current milk tea uniquely favored by consumers and is always active in the public eye, even after the price increase is still being bought by consumers?


To what extent is modern people's attachment to milk tea?


In April of this year, the price hikes of Heycha and Nayuki on the climax of the epidemic did not shake the status of milk tea.


#喜茶多款产品更价2元# On the day of the hot search, it attracted 240 million traffic. One month after the price increase news was released, the number of topic views on that day still reached 2.7 million.


Consumers complained about the price increase behavior of Naxue and Hey Tea, while leaving comments on alternative milk tea brands in the comment area. It can be seen that the public still has “deep love” for freshly made tea; some consumers also said that the price increase is still Within the acceptable range", expressing his tolerance for favorite milk tea brands.

消费者抱怨Naxue和Hey Tea的价格上涨行为,同时在评论区域中留下有关替代奶茶品牌的评论。可以看出,公众仍然对新鲜的茶有“深厚的爱”。一些消费者还表示,价格上涨仍在可接受的范围内”,表达了他对喜欢的奶茶品牌的容忍度。

Investigating the reasons, we still have to return to China's ready-made tea market. Consumers of milk tea are all over the country, and the consumption base of freshly made tea is very large.


In the past three years, the market share of milk tea has continued to expand and the growth rate has accelerated. It is estimated that by 2022, the market share of milk tea will reach 88.7 billion yuan.


In a market close to 100 billion yuan, female consumers are loyal fans of milk tea. As long as businesses impress female consumers, they can occupy a larger market share. Therefore, each milk tea brand pays attention to details and appearance to enhance market competitiveness.


The acceptance of milk tea by different age groups is also different. At present, milk tea consumers are mainly young people under 30.


Different age groups have different impressions of milk tea consumption, leading to differences in consumption behavior.


People over the age of 36 generally hold little or no attitude towards milk tea consumption. Most people over the age of 36, the first impression of milk tea is the powder age of milk tea, such as typhoon shelters and street milk tea stalls, such as cheap and inferior milk tea has become synonymous with milk tea in their hearts, even in the face of "upgrade" The new tea drinks afterwards are still unacceptable.


With the rise of coco and 1:dian, the public's attitude towards milk tea is also changing. Consumers who are exposed to milk tea for the first time in the street age often have a stronger desire to consume milk tea than the previous generation.


In the new tea drinking era, Nay Xue and Hey Tea have become fashion icons, and they have cross-border co-branding with different brands, which has greatly increased the attention of new consumers to milk tea. At this time, milk tea is really active in the public eye. The price of milk tea has doubled dozens of times in the past two decades. Milk tea has become popular among the younger generation, and it has the capital to raise prices without fear.

在新茶饮时代,Nay Xue和Hey Tea成为时尚偶像,并与不同品牌进行跨界联合品牌推广,极大地增加了新消费者对奶茶的关注。在这个时候,奶茶真的很活跃。在过去的二十年里,奶茶的价格翻了几十倍。奶茶已在年轻一代中流行,它有资本提高价格而无所畏惧。

Take Hey Tea as an example. The raw material cost accounts for 36% of the total beverage price. A cup of 30 yuan milk tea will only drink 10.8 yuan, and the remaining 19.2 yuan will be invested in store rentals, labor costs and other items in different proportions.

以Hey Tea为例。原材料成本占饮料总价格的36%。一杯30元的奶茶只喝10.8元,其余的19.2元将以不同的比例投入到店铺租金,人工成本和其他项目中。

28% of single-store profits are not considered huge profits in the milk tea industry, and Yidian and coco profits are similar.


The hot search "Autumn's first cup of milk tea" has filled the circle of friends with milk tea.


Since the beginning of this year, in addition to the stars with their own hot search constitution, milk tea has also been on the hot search list frequently: hand held milk tea selfie contest, 5L bottled milk tea, the most wanted food after the epidemic, the practice of pearl milk tea, and the milk tea addiction syndrome, etc., with tens of thousands of comments and readings.


In the article of New Shanghai Petty Bourgeoisie on "New Milk Tea Ordering Guide in 2020" and "Internet Celebrity Drinks", netizens shouted "I can do it again", "Chong Chong Chong", "One cup a day", " Life continuation artifact".

在新上海小资产阶级关于“ 2020年新奶茶订购指南”和“互联网名人饮料”的文章中,网民大喊“我可以再做一次”,“冲冲冲”,“每天一杯”,“生活”连续工件”。

"I used to have a cigarette after a meal, but now I have a cup of milk tea after a meal", "Rely on milk tea to renew my life", "Can I fall in love with milk tea?" ... Many netizens have publicly stated that "you can't live without milk tea a day." Modern youth's dependence on milk tea has plunged the entire milk tea market into a "sweet wave".

“饭后我曾经抽烟,但现在饭后我喝了一杯奶茶”,“依靠奶茶来恢复生活”,“我可以爱上奶茶吗?” ...许多网民公开表示:“每天都不能没有奶茶。”现代青年对奶茶的依赖使整个奶茶市场陷入“甜蜜的浪潮”。

After "returning to China" in 1987, modern milk tea developed at the speed of light in just 30 years. According to data from Tianyan Check, there were fewer than 1,000 milk tea companies nationwide in 2000, and as of the end of 2019, there were more than 140,000 milk tea companies in their business scope.


With the transformation and upgrading of consumption, milk tea has been innovated with ingredients such as "drinking tea + tea dregs" as a base tea, with fruit, pudding, boba, red beans and other ingredients. The entire milk tea industry has entered a new era from quality to quantity. The new milk tea industry has sprung up. Freshly customized and colorful milk tea has become a fashionable drink that young people can't put it down and must-have at home.


In the past two years, the milk tea market has expanded rapidly, and major milk tea brand stores have a downward trend in the market to accelerate expansion. Many well-known milk tea brands, such as Hey Tea, Coco Duke, and Nai Xue No Tea, have completed a new round of financing in the past 5 years.

在过去的两年中,奶茶市场发展迅速,主要奶茶品牌商店的市场下降趋势加速。 Hey Tea,Coco Duke和Nai Xue No Tea等许多著名的奶茶品牌在过去5年中完成了新一轮的融资。

The charm of milk tea begins with its ingredients and taste.


The word "milk tea" does not bring good mood, but the sugar in milk tea can. Sugar makes the brain secrete dopamine, and dopamine promotes pleasant emotions. This is one of the reasons why people feel good and happy when drinking milk tea.


Xiao Li, a university student in Shanghai, revealed that he likes to drink milk tea just because it is "good." The sugar in milk tea not only allows the naturally sweet-loving humans to produce dopamine, which helps excitement, but also enhances the flavor of milk tea.


On the topic of milk tea on Weibo, some netizens commented that after drinking milk tea, they are always "full of vitality" and "resurrected with blood." Milk tea does have the effect of "recovering blood" because the caffeine content of milk tea is considerable. Caffeine has a very strong refreshing effect, so returning to vitality after drinking a cup of milk tea is not a psychological effect.


The netizens who screamed that the milk tea is "smooth taste" and "must be covered with milk" are indulged in the tactility of fat and trans fatty acids. The fat contained in the creamer of milk tea makes the taste of milk tea smooth, and the milk cap of some milk tea contains trans fatty acids, which enhances the taste. In addition to the pleasure of "indulgence silky", fat is also addictive. Combining with the addictive sugar and caffeine, it secretly enhances "user stickiness."


The chemical magic of milk tea opens the contemporary "milk tea life history":


With the blessing of chemical magic, the new milk tea provides more social motives for consumption that are easy to "sink".


Different from the cookie-cutter and simple-packed brewed milk tea, the rich brand, exquisite packaging, and diversified flavors of the new milk tea have become a "fashion" label in the eyes of young people. The new-style milk tea offline stores are exquisitely decorated, providing "sweet and salt" social venues with different styles for people with different needs. The new-style milk tea not only provides milk tea, but also provides atmosphere and service.


Checking in at online celebrity milk tea shops, popular on social networks, is an essential part of young people’s social life. The consumption of milk tea is not only a "drinking" procedure, but the trilogy of "photographing", "spinning" and "enjoying" the milk tea of ​​contemporary people is already a tacit practice.


What modern people consume is the taste of milk tea, and it is also the "cultural symbol" behind the milk tea.


The Milk Tea Party has a famous self-comforting saying: "Milk tea is milk, and milk is healthy; milk tea is tea, and tea is health preservation, so milk tea is not only not fat, but also nutritional."


But is milk tea really healthy?


In 2019, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province conducted quality inspections on the whole sugar and sugar-free products of major well-known milk teas. The results found that most milk tea drinks did not meet the "National Standard GB/T21733-2008 Tea Beverage" and "Chinese Residents Dietary Guidelines 2016)” for tea drinks.

2019年,福建省福州市对主要知名奶茶的全糖和无糖产品进行了质量检查。结果发现,大多数奶茶饮料不符合茶饮料的《国家标准GB / T21733-2008茶饮料》和《中国居民饮食指南2016》。

If the "addiction" of milk tea in modern people continues for a long time, it may really cause illness.


The fat content in milk tea is very high. Long-term excessive intake of fat will not only lead to typical diseases such as obesity, fatty liver and diabetes, but also cause severe diseases such as lung function decline, cancer, cirrhosis, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases including thrombosis. Illness. Some of the trans fatty acids contained in milk tea are likely to induce coronary heart disease, asthma, thrombosis and other diseases.


Milk tea contains a lot of caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant. Excessive consumption can stimulate the nervous system, causing insomnia and heart palpitations; rapid overdose can cause poisoning, allergies, and increased blood pressure. Pregnant women and children are strictly restricted from eating caffeine.


In response to the self-hypnosis of "milk tea is milk" in people's minds, the test results are also particularly "heart-struck". The "milk" in milk tea refers to creamer, and most milk tea contains almost no fresh milk. Because creamer has a high oil content, people with fat indigestion can easily cause diarrhea after eating.


The tannins in milk tea and the casein in creamer are consumed together to produce tannic protein, which clumps in the stomach and causes discomfort. In the worst case, the intestinal motility slows down and constipation is caused.


Milk tea is a typical high-sugar, high-fat and high-calorie food. A cup of milk tea with pearls has the same calories as an ordinary lunch box.


Even sugar-free milk tea can quickly ingest one-third of the sugar you need in a day, causing your blood sugar to soar.


High blood sugar will cause the memory-related "hippocampal gyrus" area of ​​the brain to become smaller, making memory worse. In addition to the well-known dental caries and decreased vision, the body absorbs too much sugar, which can also cause "insulin resistance", leading to diabetes and early breast cancer. In addition, sugar is the number one culprit leading to obesity. Excessive intake of sugar can cause serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, fatty liver and even cancer.


For many girls who love beauty, sugar is a "skin killer". Long-term excess sugar will accelerate cell aging, leading to accelerated aging. The chemicals produced when sugar is digested and metabolized will harden collagen, causing the skin to lose elasticity, wrinkles and sagging. The American Academy of Dermatology believes that a high GI/GL diet is a major factor in increasing the risk of acne. Saccharification products can also produce yellow patches, which make the skin dull and long.

对于许多热爱美丽的女孩来说,糖是“皮肤杀手”。长期过量的糖将加亚博的官网登录手机登录速细胞衰老,导致加速衰老。糖被消化和代谢时产生的化学物质会硬化胶原蛋白,导致皮肤失去弹性,皱纹和下垂。美国皮肤科学院认为,高GI / GL饮食是增加痤疮风险的主要因素。糖化产品还会产生黄色斑点,使皮肤暗沉而长久。

Commercial milk teas are generally formulated with creamer, artificial flavors, saccharin, pigments, etc. Long-term consumption of these artificial additives will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, and may even cause cancer.


Each generation has different memories of drinks. The old sodas and Jianlibao regarded by millennials as "rice scum" were also the "white moonlight" of our parents and sisters.


During the 40 years of the development of the domestic beverage consumer market, the entire beverage industry "from scratch" and "from being to fine" has now ushered in an irreversible consumption upgrade.


After 2011, the growth rate of China's soft drink industry began to decline. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the compound production growth rate of the beverage industry from 2011 to 2018 was about 7%. However, after 2010, new-style tea has bucked the trend, and the profit-seeking with capital and the awakening of local independent brand awareness began to flourish. After 2016, it has developed rapidly and has become a "life-sustaining artifact" for most young people.

2011年之后,中国软饮料行业的增长率开始下降。根据国家统计局的数据,2011年至2018年饮料行业的复合生产增长率约为7%。然而,2010年之后,新型茶逆势而上,以资本寻求利润和唤醒当地独立品牌意识开始兴盛。 2016年之后,它发展迅速,并已成为大多数年轻人的“维持生命的人工制品”。

The 40-year development of China's beverage industry and product changes are behind new consumer demands brought about by changes in consumer concepts and lifestyles.


From the original carbonated beverages to functional beverages, consumers are no longer satisfied with the two basic functions of drinking thirst quenching and good taste, and are beginning to explore other possibilities of beverages. With increasing competition in the beverage market, products with attractive packaging such as tea and Xiaoming have become popular.


Today's new tea drinks have taken a step further to meet the social needs of consumers. The new-style tea drinks introduce the concept of "third space" in the store layout, integrating the living atmosphere into the complex consumption scene of social attributes.


With the change of beverages from generation to generation, we do not know what the next level of the beverage demand pyramid is.


Until the emergence of a new generation of "life-sustaining artifact".


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