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Whenever there is major transfer news, Fabrizio Romano is always the one who knows the most.

每当有重大转会新闻时,Fabrizio Romano始终是最了解的人。

After entering Sky Sports Italy early at the age of 19, he had extensive contact with various clubs, agents and brokerage companies in European football, and after 8 years, his hard work that year has paid off.


Today, Romano has 774,000 fans on social media platforms, and his motto "get it done" can always arouse people's eager attention on social media.


"To be honest, I can't even remember when I said this sentence, but it should be about Manchester United, maybe Pogba's transfer. The rumors at that time have been going on for a month or two. Everyone always I was asking about the progress of the situation, and when the transfer was finally finalized, I said the phrase'It's done!'


"When I get that kind of heavyweight revelation, I always get very excited. For me, it's like scoring an important goal in that kind of highlight. I still remember Bruno Fernandez joining Manchester United. I had a similar experience at the time. When you put so much into a story and finally confirm that everything is finalized, it feels so exciting.


"Some people will ask which team I am a fan, but this kind of thing has nothing to do with this. What makes me emotional is the way I track and the signing itself will make everyone excited."


Romano also wrote articles in the British media "The Guardian", which has attracted the attention of many English-speaking fans. With the increase in influence, his own personal brand also expanded rapidly. No matter whether his eye-catching slogan is unintentional or intentional, at least he already has a great appeal.


"Being a reporter of this type is not easy, because people always ask if there is new news or if certain rumors are true, and I also hope to respect other reporters," he explained. "So I only say what I know. I never want to say'this is fake'.

他解释说:“成为这样的记者并不容易,因为人们总是问是否有新消息或某些谣言是真的,我也希望尊重其他记者。” “所以我只说我所知道的。我永远不想说'这是假的'。

"The transfer market has changed in the past few years. Originally, it was usually to meet with the client or call the agent to find out the situation, but now you can also communicate with people on social media. So I must always be ready. Yourself.


"I started this job under the tutelage of DiMazio. This experience has benefited me a lot. In the process of tracking reports, it is not only necessary to verify the correctness of the information, but also to the brokers and related agencies. Get along. In my opinion, the secret is to build good relationships with everyone. Today, we have to have many, many sources of information."


Romano is now overwhelmed by various transfer rumors-related questions every day. He said that the questions about Havertz, Sancho and Partey are the most.


"Actually, I like the transfer window more than a game now. Of course, I like watching the game very much, but I report the news of the transfer market and watch the rumored transfer in the development of the situation, these It really excites me.


"When the epidemic spreads and football is completely shut down, the situation is very bad. There is no content about football matches, but the transfer window is very crazy. Almost everyone said to me:'We have no idea what the future will be. , I don't know how much money we will have.'Everything has changed.


"You can see the changes in the wealthy clubs, clubs like Barcelona do not know how much money they can spend. Of course,


Romano is usually the leader in transfer news reports, but now in this field, he is not the only star reporter.


In this summer, he has taken the lead in reporting multiple transfers, such as Sane’s move to Bayern and Werner’s move to Chelsea.


When Falk saw a rumor he knew, he would directly forward it "true" or "false", and usually share the details he knew later.

当Falk看到他知道的谣言时,他会直接将其转发为“ true”或“ false”,并通常共享以后知道的细节。

"I started this way because there is a lot of content in the news," he explained. "I think we have a new role as football reporters.

他解释说:“我之所以开始,是因为新闻中有很多内容。” “我认为我们作为足球记者发挥了新的作用。

"In the past few years, when there was no such influential platform, we reporters were like gatekeepers. We can decide for ourselves what content can appear in the newspaper and which will not. But now we want Tell everyone what is true and what is not. It is very important to let people know what should be believed.


Falk has reported on Bayern news for 20 years and has worked for "Sport Bild" since 2006. As the chief reporter of the football sector, he not only reports on daily games, but also involves unexpected transfer news.


In such a crowded industry, he is able to stand out because the news related to the stars he exposes is always very reliable. In the 20 years of reporting on Bayern, he has gradually gained fame, and now he has 100,000 followers on social media platforms.


"At Bayern, you will always meet people you know, because players will always return to the team with another identity," Falke said when asked how he understood so much transfer news. "Kovac started as a Bayern player and then became the Bayern coach. Salihamidzic started as a Bayern player and is now a sports director. Kahn was originally a Bayern player and will become the club’s CEO in the future. A reporter, you will get to know them when they are still players. When they return to the club, you can also greet them again. So they will know you."

当被问及他如何理解这么多转会消息时,法尔克说:“在拜仁,您将永远会遇到认识的人,因为球员们总是会以另一种身份回到亚博的官网登录手机登录球队。” “科瓦奇开始是一名拜仁球员,然后成为拜仁教练。萨利哈米季奇开始时是一名拜仁球员,现在是体育总监。卡恩最初是一名拜仁球员,将来将成为俱乐部的首席执行官。记者,您将会当他们仍然是球员时认识他们。当他们返回俱乐部时,您也可以再次打招呼,这样他们就会认识您。”

For Falke, Sane’s transfer this summer is definitely a heavyweight transfer. As early as last year, he reported that Bayern would sign the German winger in 2020.


"Actually, the question I get asked the most is Tiago, and I also said he will leave Bayern."


As the Bundesliga became the first league to restart after the new crown epidemic, it has also become the focus of attention in recent months.


"With the help of the Internet and social media, you always want to be the first person to report, but anyone who hears the rumors can write news. If you are the person everyone trusts, then you need two or three sources , So you have to wait and start reporting at the right time.


"When you press the send button and send a heavy message, that feeling is the best. I like my peers to quote my Weibo, for example, Romano will repost it, and then attach the sentence'It's done! '


In this summer, the Bundesliga has a lot of heavy news that has not yet been settled. Haverts, Thiago and Sancho are all within his scope.

在这个夏天,德甲有很多重大新闻尚未解决。 Haverts,Thiago和Sancho都在他的范围内。

"In my opinion, there will be no problems with the transfer of big-name stars in this window," he said.


"In the transfer market, Chelsea is a very important club because they have ample funds. They hadn't had any signings for the previous season and a half, and now they are ready to add fresh blood.


"In the battle for Haverts, they are in a leading position. It will be very interesting how they will develop in the future. Before the epidemic, Haverts’ agent told Leverkusen that there were about five or six, and maybe even Seven clubs are interested in players. Chelsea is just one of them, but nowadays teams like Barcelona do not have enough funds. Artur’s exchange for Pjanic is also based on this reason. Real Madrid is also the case. Similarly, they cannot spend 100 million euros at the moment."


Falk can't wait for the next big moment of his own.


He said: "For us, being able to know some heavy transfer news is really icing on the cake."


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