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   Source of manuscript: Football News



   The first stage was unbeatable and was "the only one in the Super League". TEDA seemed to be reduced to a fish, but before the start of the second stage, a series of actions by the TEDA club showed that his determination to relegation has not changed.

第一阶段是无与伦比的,并且是“超级联赛中唯一的阶段”。 TEDA似乎沦为一条鱼,但在第二阶段开始之前,TEDA俱乐部采取的一系列行动表明他降级的决心没有改变。

   In the first round of the knockout round, TEDA's opponent is the strong Shenzhen Kaisa. They have absorbed the former Tianjin Tianhai Club management and a large number of former Tianjin Tianhai players. This game is also regarded as another form of "derby" by the outside world.


   After Tianjin TEDA left Tianjin on October 11, he went to Jinan, arrived in Jinan at noon for a break, and had a 120-minute teaching match with Shandong Luneng at 4pm. The day after the game, the team went straight to Dalian and arrived in the competition area on the 12th. It was the first team in the relegation group to reach the hotel. On the 13th, they went to the venue for the first practice after arriving in the competition area.

天津开发区于10月11日离开天津后,他前往济南,中午到达济南休息一下,下午4点与山东鲁能进行了120分钟的教学比赛。比赛的第二天,车队直接前往大连,并于12日到达比赛区。这是降级小组中的第一支到达酒店的球队。 13日,他们到达比赛区后前往场地进行第一次练习。

The teaching match between    and Luneng was divided into four quarters. In the end, TEDA lost 2 to 5. Just looking at the score, most people feel the same, as if they feel that TEDA is changing the soup without changing the medicine, but if you carefully split the four quarters of the game, it is not the case. The two sides have different goals for the warm-up match. In the four quarters, the personnel discharged by the two sides in each quarter also have different changes. Luneng's substitute strength is stronger, and this advantage is reflected in the four quarters. TEDA conceded two goals in the first quarter and only one goal in the other three quarters. Both Suarez and Lima forwards have made achievements, which can be regarded as a relatively big gain for the team.


After Suarez was released from isolation, he conducted joint training seamlessly with the team, which exceeded everyone's expectations. His physical fitness and physical conditions satisfied the coach Wang Baoshan. The consciousness in front of the goal and the initiative to seek cooperation with his teammates. It has also been recognized that he can not only help the team improve the efficiency of the offensive end, but also drive the participation and morale of the domestic players around him.


Lima, judging from his performance on the field in the first stage, has not reached a satisfactory level. He and Suarez are not only the difference in value, but he has been playing for low-level teams for a long time, which makes him exist in some links. Problems, shortcomings that are difficult to correct in a short time.


The arrival of Suarez will also play a role for Lima. The two often interact on social platforms and communicate with each other. From the perspective of the relationship between the two, the competition for the starting position does not seem to have brought about Too much influence. Lima is actually constantly moving closer to Suarez in the process of training and living. There will always be competition in a team, and healthy competition will bring benefits to all parties. Judging from the current situation, Lima will become a backhand player in the TEDA game.


The teaching match between    and Luneng also reflected some problems of the TEDA team. After the game, the players generally reported that their bodies were relatively heavy, and their performance on the court showed that they were far from the best. After arriving in Dalian, the coaching staff reduced the amount of training to allow the players to recover better. The main direction of training is to drill at the technical and tactical level and improve the details.


   Compared to Suzhou, the temperature in Dalian is even colder. By mid-October, the weather will affect some teams, and TEDA is no exception. Shenzhen Kaisa arrived at the hotel during the training gap after TEDA arrived in Dalian, and was sought after by various media. The two teams played against each other last season. TEDA won 1 draw. After early relegation, TEDA even played the role of the relegation judge who was deep in last season. This season, Shenzhen Football returned to the Super League, and the two sides played against each other in the knockout round.


   After Shenzhen Football was relegated last season, they and TEDA’s city rival Tianjin Tianhai became the focus of Chinese football. After more than four months of painstaking negotiations, Tianjin Tianhai had no results. In the end, it could only be disbanded and ended. The deep foot replaced Tianhai's exit from the Super League and returned to the Super League. Former Tianhai Vice President Ding Yong led the original management team, Chinese coaching staff and some first-team staff to join Shenzhen Football Club.


After    Tianhai team was disbanded, Shenzhen Football signed Pei Shuai, Zheng Dalun, Mi Haolun, Zhang Yuan and other players, becoming the team that has absorbed the most veterans from Tianhai. According to the regulations of the Football Association, with the exception of Pei Shuai and Zheng Dalun, other players did not incur transfer fees and did not account for deep signings. The arrival of the original Tianhai players has enriched the personnel of Shenzhen Football Team. Many people have jokingly called the encounter between TEDA and Shenzhen Football Team in the knockout round as another form of "Tianjin Derby". The Tianjin Derby in the past three years has almost been a festival for Tianjin fans. The two sides never need to be mobilized to fight.


Due to the increase in the team’s high points, the team incorporated a large number of wing passes and set-piece offensive and defensive drills in the later training in Tianjin. When the positional battle cannot open the situation, the team is also digging for as many points as possible. Method. After arriving in Dalian, he also carried out different refinements in the offensive routines and other links.


   For TEDA, the second stage requires the first win of the season, and more importantly, to complete the relegation goal. If you can complete the first win and relegation in the first round against the deep foot, that is the best result. In the first stage, the TEDA team seems to have some deficiencies on the spiritual level. The fighting spirit presented in the game makes the fans not satisfied. The club and coaching staff also have a full understanding of this, and increase their psychological attention, sometimes more than technical and tactics. Its comprehensiveness can play a decisive role.


  Before the expedition, Tianjin Sports Bureau, Football Association, and club management held a meeting, and the team also convened a meeting to unify thinking and strengthen confidence in relegation. In the team's internal meeting, the bridge segment in the TV series "Bright Sword" was used as a metaphor for the relegation battle. Club personnel said that every next game is a tough battle. To win life, you must have the spirit of "Bright Sword". The club and coaching staff continue to cheer up the team and communicate with the players, hoping that the players can welcome the second stage of the game with the fullest enthusiasm and spirit.


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