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In the Bundesliga opener, Schalke 04 was a guest to challenge Bayern Munich. In the face of the fierce offensive of the new Champions League champions, Schalke can be said to be helpless throughout the game. The space behind the fragile line of defense was repeatedly used, and the team swallowed a disastrous defeat without any suspense. In the end, Schalke 04 lost to Bayern Munich 0:8.


After trying the 4132 formation in the first few warm-up matches, Wagner determined the main frame of the parallel 442 in the last few warm-up matches. Ben Taleb and Stan Paoli form a midfield midfield combination. One is more responsible for attacking forward long passes, and the other is mainly responsible for defensive interception. The two have a clear division of labor, the midfield is relatively well sorted, and the team also won two consecutive warm-up matches. However, the shortage of personnel at the central defender position forced this newly established midfielder to reorganize. Sane has not yet returned to the team, Nastasic was injured in the warm-up match, Stan Paoli must retreat to the left center back position.

在前几场热身赛中尝试4132编队之后,瓦格纳在最后几场热身赛中确定了平行442的主框架。本·塔莱布(Ben Taleb)和斯坦·保利(Stan Paoli)组亚博的官网地址成中场中场组合。一个人负责进攻长距离传球,另一人主要负责防守拦截。两人分工明确,中场得分相对较高,球队也连续两场获得热身赛冠军。但是,由于中央后卫位置人员的短缺,这亚博的官网登录手机登录名新成立的中场不得不进行重组。 Sane尚未返回球队,Nastasic在热身赛中受伤,Stan Paoli必须退回到左中后卫位置。

Too aggressive and high-pressure forcing, let Schalke suffer. In the opening phase of the first and second halves, Schalke carried out a relatively high-intensity press against Bayern players. For example, this time Sane held the ball near the corner of Bayern's penalty area. Counting right back Rudy, he was surrounded by five Schalke players trying to encircle him. The two forwards in the 442 and the two midfielders to the right all pressed into this area.

过于激进的高压强迫让沙尔克受难。在上半场和下半场的开场阶段,沙尔克对拜仁球员进行了比较高强度的压榨。例如,这一次Sane在拜仁的禁区角附近持球。数到右后卫鲁迪,他被五名试图包围他的沙尔克球员包围。 442中的两个前锋和右边的两个中场都挤进了这个区域。

Such high pressure is a gamble. If it can be grabbed, then the local number advantage allows Schalke to cooperate with the collapse of Bayern's defense. But once the encirclement fails and Bayern succeeds in picking the ball out, then as long as a long pass, they can directly hit the weak opening of Schalke's backcourt. In this attack at the beginning of the second half, there were 7 Schalke players on the screen. In order to maintain a moderate distance between the lines, although it does not appear in the picture, Stan Bowley, Kabak and Rudy must also precondition. However, under the pressure of the Bayern defender, Paxencia failed to control the ball, and Bayern took the ball out of it with three consecutive cooperation. At one point, Schalke had no defensive players other than Ferman in his own half, but Bayern's offensive players. Stan Bowley's shovel did not solve the problem. After entering the penalty area, Rudy didn't dare to move. Although Sane failed to waded through Fairman, Gnabry made the ball in. After three goals changed to four goals behind, Schalke was hit again.

如此高的压力是一场赌博。如果可以抓住,那么当地人的优势就可以让沙尔克与拜仁的防线崩溃合作。但是一旦包围圈失败并且拜仁成功将球挑出,那么只要长传,他们就可以直接击中沙尔克后场的开局。在下半场开始的这场进攻中,屏幕上有7名沙尔克选手。为了在线条之间保持适当的距离,尽管它并未出现在图片中,但Stan Bowley,Kabak和Rudy也必须进行前提条件。然而,在拜仁后卫的压力下,帕克森西亚未能控制住皮球,而拜仁在三连贯的配合下将球踢出了球。在某一时刻,沙尔克除了弗曼外没有其他防守球员,但是拜仁的进攻球员。斯坦·鲍利的铲子无法解决问题。进入罚球区后,鲁迪不敢动弹。尽管Sane没能通过Fairman参加比赛,但Gnabry还是把球打了进来。在三球变成四球之后,沙尔克再次被击中。

Schalke's first few warm-up games were not ideal, and even consecutive losses to the German and C teams appeared. They have a lot to do with Stan Paoli-Kabak, the central defender combination. Stan Bowley's physical function continued to decline after the injury, and the grabbing was basically a one-shot deal. Kabak, who was supposed to protect the space behind him, is a bit frizzy and lacks focus on the defensive end.

沙尔克的前几场热身赛并不理想,甚至出现了连续两次输给德国队和C队的情况。他们与中央后卫组合Stan Paoli-Kabak有很多关系。受伤后,斯坦·鲍利(Stan Bowley)的身体机能持续下降,抢劫基本上是一口气。卡巴克本来应该保护他身后的空间,但他有点毛躁,缺乏对防守端的关注。

This time it was Bayern attacking from the right, Sane cut inside near the penalty area. Stan Bowley moved to the left near the corner of the penalty area, and the task of defending the center was given to Kabak. However, he seems to be unclear about where Lewand is the threat in the penalty area, focusing on Sane who is holding the ball, ignoring that Lewand has moved from behind him to in front of him. Lewand took the ball in the penalty area and turned around. After a whole set of actions, Kabak did not interfere with him personally. Fortunately, Lewand’s last bow and arrow shot was blocked by Stan Bowley.

这次是拜仁从右边进攻,Sane在禁区附近切入内线。斯坦·鲍里(Stan Bowley)向禁区角落附近的左侧移动,保卫中锋的任务交给了卡巴克(Kabak)。但是,他似乎还不清楚Lewand在禁区中的威胁所在,而是侧重于持球的Sane,而忽略了Lewand从他身后移到他身前。勒万德在禁区将球扑出,转身转身。经过一整套行动,Kabak并未亲自干预他。幸运的是,莱万德的最后一枚弓箭被Stan Bowley挡住了。

The Bayern midfielder's pass caught Schalke's defense off guard. Gnabry, Sane and others have a strong impact. As long as they meet the midfielder, a reverse run can take advantage of the huge space behind the central defender. This time Kimmich sent a long pass and Gnabry quickly inserted it. Stan Bowley turned around and chased again, already struggling. Gnabry made another sudden stop and changed direction. Stan Bowley couldn't react in time and was swayed again, unable to give him close pressure, allowing Gnabry to complete a shot more easily. Lewand’s penalty also originated from behind the opponent’s straight line of defense. Kabak reluctantly brought down the outflanked Lewand.

拜仁中场的传球让沙尔克的防守措手不及。 Gnabry,Sane和其他人有很强的影响力。只要他们遇到中场,逆转就可以利用中央后卫后面的巨大空间。这次Kimmich发出了亚博的官网登录手机登录一张长传,Gnabry迅速将其插入。斯坦·鲍利(Stan Bowley)转身再次追赶,已经挣扎了。 Gnabry又突然停了下来,改变了方向。斯坦·鲍利(Stan Bowley)无法及时做出反应,再次摇摆不定,无法施加近压力,使格纳布里(Gnabry)更轻松地完成射门。勒万德的点球也源于对手的直线防守。 Kabak不情愿地放倒了那面阔的Lewand。

The midfield partners of Stan Baoli and Ben Taleb in the previous warm-up match were not evenly positioned. Usually, Stan Bowley will be a little bit behind, to provide a point for the ball, and also to help share the pressure of some central defenders' frontal defense. However, Zelda, who is partnering with Ben Taleb, is more inclined to offense and has very limited protection on the defensive end. Not to mention Shepf, who replaced him. In this way, the one who was relatively late was Ben Taleb. He did a good job of passing the ball, but unfortunately he couldn't solve the problems of the central defender on the defensive level like Stan Bowley. Mistakes of the roof also appeared in the game. More often, he is in that position, who is relatively less defensive, and fails to provide more statistical contributions.

Stan Baoli和Ben Taleb在上一场热身赛中的中场搭档位置不均。通常,斯坦·鲍利会落后一些,为控球提供一点帮助,也有助于分担一些中后卫的正面防守压力。但是,与本·塔莱布(Ben Taleb)合作的塞尔达(Zelda)更倾向于进攻,并且在防守端的保护非常有限。更不用说谢普夫(Shepf)取代了他。这样,相对较晚的是Ben Taleb。他在传球方面做得很好,但不幸的是他无法解决Stan Bowley这样的防守端中后卫的问题。屋顶的错误也出现在游戏中。通常,他处于该位置,防守相对较弱,并且无法提供更多的统计贡献。

This is Ali's dribbling and the Bayern counterattack on the spot. Sane appeared between Rudy and Kabak at the far end. The distance between Stan Baoli and Kabak was slightly larger, and Ben Taleb could not fill the gap. Bayern hit the ground and successfully found Sane. He shook Fellman and passed the ball, and Lewand's outflank was blocked by the defender.

这是阿里的盘带和拜仁的反击。 Sane在远端出现在Rudy和Kabak之间。 Stan Baoli和Kabak之间的距离稍大,Ben Taleb无法填补空白。拜仁打地,成功找到了Sane。他摇了摇Fellman并把球传了出去,Lewand的后路被后卫封盖。

This time, Stan Bowley's forward interception was unsuccessful, and the right center back Kabak was forced to move to the left side of the penalty area to defend Lewandone with the ball. This time Kabak successfully restricted the turn of Lewanxiang in the middle, but there was still Bayern's contact point near the sideline. Look at Schalke's penalty zone at this time. Four defenders plus two central midfielders, one is quite a few, but they are all concentrated near the small penalty area.

这次,斯坦·鲍利(Stan Bowley)的前场拦截不成功,右中后卫卡巴克(Kabak)被迫移动到禁区左侧,用球将Lewandone防守。这次,卡巴克成功地在中路限制了勒万向的转弯,但在边线附近仍然有拜仁的联络点。现在看看沙尔克的罚球区。四名后卫加上两名中场中场球员,其中一名相当多,但他们全都集中在小禁区附近。

When the defensive players, especially Ben Taleb and Zelda, returned to the penalty area, their attention was focused on Lewand and the Bayern players in the wide pass. As for Gretzka outside the arc of the penalty area, they didn't even get their attention. It must be admitted that Schalke's restrictions on Bayern players in the penalty area are relatively in place in this ball. Even after Mueller got the ball, Stan Bowley and Zelda quickly moved closer to him, limiting the angle at which he turned and hit the goal. But they can't do anything about returning this direction. When the central midfielder recovered into the penalty area, the wing midfielders and forwards failed to replenish their original positions. Judging from the broadcast camera, the Schalke player in the distance was standing in place, as if it had nothing to do with him. Gretzka has enough time to take aim at the angle and hit the ball into the blind spot.

当防守球员,尤其是本·塔莱布和塞尔达,回到禁区时,他们的注意力集中在了勒万德和拜仁球员上。至于在禁区外的格雷茨卡,他们甚至没有引起注意。必须承认,沙尔克在禁区内对拜仁球员的限制相对来说是适当的。即使在穆勒(Mueller)接住球之后,斯坦·鲍利(Stan Bowley)和塞尔达(Zelda)仍迅速靠近他,限制了他转身并射入球门的角度。但是他们对返回这个方向无能为力。当中央中场恢复到罚球区时,侧翼中场和前锋未能补充其原有位置。从广播摄像机来看,远处的沙尔克球员站在那里,好像与他无关。格雷茨卡(Gretzka)有足够的时间瞄准该角度并将球击入盲区。

0:8 defeated to Bayern Munich, Schalke 04 this season's Bundesliga first game is undoubtedly extremely dark. However, in the first five games of the Bundesliga, they will also have to face Leipzig and Dortmund, another two heavyweight battles. What results are achieved on such a team will determine to a large extent whether Schalke can turn the decline in the second half of last season in the new season and re-initiate an impact on European qualifications. But the fans want to wait until the team ends the embarrassing record of invincible Bundesliga across the season, I am afraid they have to push back.


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