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In addition to the golf quotient displayed in the second game, Xiao Kun's personal label that has caused the most discussion-is "Beijing University Ball King". In fact, Xiao Kun entered Peking University because of his score of 441 points in science and his first place in the admissions test of high-level athletes from Peking University. But when most people think of Peking University, what comes to mind is the stereotype of amazing IQ.


Therefore, some people are looking forward to the inspirational story to happen to Xiao Kun; at the same time they have raised a question-is IQ and ball quotient really related?


Compared with the maturity of the concept of "Intelligence Quotient", the concept of global quotient has a long history, but it has not been conclusive. To talk about the relationship between IQ and ball quotient, we must first explain: what exactly is ball quotient?


Simply put, the ball quotient is a player who tries his best to make the best solution every moment, facing countless choices. The "rationality of kicking" that most fans usually talk about is also a description method of football businessmen. In a real game, you will find that there are players who can always make the most reasonable choice at the right time; and there are always players who can make the most unreasonable choice at the most suitable time.


Every time the ball power is processed, it tends to a reasonable maximum value, which is the so-called "high ball quotient". This is easy to say, but it is a huge test for every professional player. This requires players to observe the running position of opponents and teammates with a magnificent vision at all times in the fast-paced, high-intensity confrontational fast-paced game, and make pass-running choices based on the prediction of teammates and opponents.


To make it clear about the concept of "Ball Quotient", let us briefly review the concept of "IQ". IQ refers to the intelligence quotient of each person. The average IQ of the average person is set as 100. For example, the IQ value of A is 85, which means that the IQ of A is 85% of the average of the average person. The factors that determine a person’s intelligence are memory, attention, observation, imagination, thinking, language, and operation.

为了清楚地说明“球商”的概念,让我们简要回顾一下“ IQ”的概念。智商是指每个人的智商。将普通人的平均智商设置为100。例如,A的IQ值为85,这意味着A的智商是普通人的平均值的85%。决定一个人的智力的因素是记忆力,注意力,观察力,想象力,思维,语言和操作能力。

Comparing the main factors that determine intelligence with the concept of ball quotient, one will soon come to a conclusion: IQ and ball quotient are at least positively correlated.


In 2014, Japan’s NHK took Iniesta and Xavi as objects for a year to shoot a documentary called "Team Spain: The World's Strongest Genius". This documentary only wants to solve one question: Why are Harvey and Iniesta so strong?


The documentary first shows Iniesta and Harvey's extraordinary power of observation. NHK wears first-person cameras on both Harvey and Iniesta. This camera records the direction and timing of the two midfield superstars' choice of observation before and after each pass, reception, and reception. The final result is that Harvey and Iniesta, whether they are passing or receiving the ball, the number of observations before and after the head swing is higher than that of ordinary players.

纪录片首先展示了伊涅斯塔和哈维的非凡观察力。 NHK在Harvey和Iniesta都佩戴第一人称相机。该摄像机记录了两个中场超级巨星在每次通过,接收和接收之前和之后选择观察的方向和时间。最终的结果是,无论哈维和伊涅斯塔是传球还是接球,头部摆动前后的观察次数都比普通球员高。

In other words, Harvey and Iniesta are more observant than ordinary players; observation is one of the main determinants of intelligence.


Not only that, the documentary also reveals that Iniesta has its own uniqueness in "operability." When Iniesta passes, his body's center of gravity has a smaller trajectory change than that of ordinary professional players. No matter which direction it breaks, Iniesta can keep the center of gravity in the middle for a long time. This uniqueness helps Xiaobai be able to "shake others but not himself", so his breakthrough success rate is high.


In addition, Iniesta's imagination and thinking skills are far beyond the average professional player. NHK is equipped with the highest-level biological and scientific research team for this shooting. Scientists put five scattered points with fixed positions in different grids, and asked Iniesta to try to connect the five scattered points together. In one minute of testing, Iniesta came up with 49 kinds, while the average Swedish professional player is only 39 kinds.

此外,伊涅斯塔的想象力和思维能力远远超出了普通职业球员。 NHK配备了最高级别的生物和科研团队来进行拍摄。科学家将五个固定位置的分散点放在不同的网格中,并请伊涅斯塔(Iniesta)尝试将五个分散点连接在一起。在一分钟的测试中,伊涅斯塔拿出49种,而瑞典职业球员的平均水平只有39种。

Although the NHK "Spain Team: The World’s Strongest Talented Brains" documentary team did not nakedly test Iniesta’s IQ, the content of the documentary shows that Xiaobai is at least in observation, operation, imagination and thinking. One of the factors that determine the level of IQ has "super power".


Iniesta’s expression in an interview was almost a perfect definition of the term “ball quotient”: “From the perspective of my playing style and my understanding of football, I think about passing more than scoring goals. For midfielders, the most important thing is to think fast. During the game, you are in the middle of the field. The situation changes rapidly, and you are surrounded by opponents and teammates. You have to make quick decisions. You have to think about many things, teammates. Where, where to pass the ball, the position of the opponent, the mind will keep thinking about these things, ready to deal with all possibilities, and can't make mistakes."


If you have to give an example of a positive correlation between IQ and ball quotient, the current Blues coach Frank Lampard would be more appropriate. This is because the IQ value, once measured to be very low, will have a great negative impact on my psychological implications; as a public figure, it is also easy to be used to make a fuss. Therefore, very few clubs have disclosed a player's IQ.


Lampard was an accident, because his IQ killed 99% of people in the world. In the 2007 League Cup final between Chelsea and Arsenal, Terry fainted with a header kicked by the opponent. After the game, the Chelsea team tested their IQ. The results showed that Lampard's IQ was around 150. Statistics show that only 1% of the population can achieve a score of 136 or more, and Einstein's IQ is 146.


For many years, Lampard used the following sentence in interviews to express his pride: "I just tested it casually, and the results showed that I was the smartest in the team." Seeing that Lampard has a genius IQ, some people even sighed. His playing is simply a human loss.


Lampard’s golf quotient does not need to be introduced too much. Whether it is a pass or a dribble, whether it is a shot or an assist; whether it is the timing of the advance or the retreat, the Englishman seems to have a God's perspective at all times. His style of playing for Chelsea and the England national team has long become a legacy of the football era; generations of coaches after that will definitely use Lampard's kicking video to explain to players what is a football quotient.


Although Xiao Kun went to Peking University, he couldn't judge his IQ. However, Xiao Kun’s personal story also provides us with a perspective to interpret football: What is the significance of receiving high-level education for professional players?


—— Balotelli is the most typical example. He showed world-class golf quotient during his peak period, but his elementary school-level emotional intelligence made his peak period flash past like lightning, never returning.


Whether in Chinese football or world football, there are too many negative examples to prove: high-level education establishes relatively complete knowledge for players; establishes correct outlook on life, values ​​and world; masters with oneself and the outside world (coach , Teammates, the media) how to get along is really important.


The basic social identity of a professional player is a person. Only when he grows into a person of sound personality can he stand and go far in his professional field.


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