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In the 12th round of the Super League and Guangzhou Evergrande, although Henan Jianye still lost 1-2, Jianye fans generally felt that the game was "vigorous" and "promising." In this game, Ivo scored the first goal of the season. Ma Xingyu made significant progress on the defensive end. Yang Kuo, who returned to the starting lineup, also played well. Especially the local youth player Niu Ziyi of Henan Jianye, who won the start for the first time in the Super League, performed outstandingly. Yang Ji, the head of Henan Jianye's coaching team, repeatedly sighed, "I regret that I only sent Niu Ziyi to start today. I have never watched his game before"!


This article intends to analyze the performance of Henan Jianye players on the field from the data dimension.


After Henan Jianye captain Iwo was officially injured in the 8th round, Jianye lost 2-5 to Jiangsu Suning, 0-4 to Dalian, 1-3 to Guangzhou R&F, and 1-3 to Shenzhen Kaisa. The 4 rounds of the game were all four games, and Henan Jianye, who had lost its backbone, was not alive. What made Henan Jianye fans even more sad was that the team's defense was abused and lost 15 goals in 4 rounds. This has never happened in the history of Henan Jianye. Over. Although we know that Henan Jianye’s play style has undergone tremendous changes in the past two or three years, and it is no longer the way Jia Xiu’s defense is based. Last year, although the team’s offensive power was amazing under Wang Baoshan’s rule, 46 conceded goals have been created in recent years. The team’s defensive problems have always existed. However, conceding nearly 4 goals per game in 4 games is no longer a technical and tactical problem, reflecting the collapse of the team’s confidence after the loss of Ivo.


Before this round of the game, facing opponents of the Chinese Super League eight-time champion Guangzhou Evergrande, most of Henan Jianye fans were not optimistic about the team's performance, and "begging for light abuse" became the main voice. But what is a bit surprising is that after Ivo, Kalanga, Bassogo and Zhou Dingyang all returned to their positions, Henan Jianye revived its vitality. In the 3rd minute, Ma Xingyu's goal was blown; in the 13th minute, Exon opened the scoring for Evergrande; in the 25th minute, Paulinho scored a supplementary shot; in the 29th minute, Ivo Jin shot into the net; in the 63rd minute, Bassogo got a penalty kick from Kalanga, but the penalty was saved by Liu Dianzuo. Open the Baidu APP to view more high-definition pictures

在本轮比赛之前,面对中国超级联赛八次冠军广州恒大的对手,河南建业的大多数球迷对球队的表现并不乐观,“乞讨轻虐”成为主要声音。但是令人惊讶的是,在伊沃,卡兰加,巴索戈和周定阳都恢复了职务之后,河南建业恢复了活力。第三分钟,马星宇的进球被炸了。在第13分钟,埃克森(Exon)为恒大打开了进球记录。在第25分钟,鲍里尼奥射门得分。在第29分钟,Ivo Jin射门入网;第63分钟,巴索戈(Bassogo)从卡兰加(Kalanga)得到点球,但刘丹佐将点球扑出。打开百度APP以查看更多高清图片

Technical Statistics


In terms of full-time statistics, Henan Jianye vs Guangzhou Evergrande, possession rate 47%-53%, shots 8-10, shots 2-4, free kicks 17-16, corner kicks 6-6, 1 goal -2. From the data point of view, 2 goals conceded in the past 5 rounds are the least, free kicks and corner kicks are basically the same, Henan Jianye disadvantage is not obvious. Judging from the scene, Henan Jianye had many scenes of partial wingers forcing back the ball.


Jianye's right side of the road was partially forced successfully


In this game, Yang Ji has a 541 formation. The 5 defenders from left to right are Wai Li, Niu Ziyi, Han Xuan, Chen Hao, and Yang Kuo. The 4 midfielders from left to right are Yiwo, Zhou Dingyang, Ma Xingyu and Basog. Striker Kalanga.

在这个游戏中,杨吉拥有541阵型。从左到右的5位后卫是Wai Li,Nu Ziyi,Han Xuan,Chen Hao和Yang Kuo。从左到右的四个中场是义和,周定扬,马星宇和巴斯格。前锋加兰加。

Jianye formation

J Ian也formation

Plucking sorted out the five offensive data of Henan Jianye's players on the field, including the number of catches, the number of key passes, the number of passes, the number of breakthroughs, the number of violations, and the number of steals, interceptions, clearances, and blocked passes The 5 defensive data, including blocked shots, are as follows.


Jianye catch list

J Ian也catch list

Judging from the receiving data, the trailing midfielder Han Xuan ranked first with 37 catches, followed by midfielders Ma Xingyu, Bassogo, and Ivo with 31, 28, and 26 respectively.


Key pass list


In this game, the Henan Jianye team sent a total of 5 key passes, of which Ivo took the lead twice, Zhou Dingyang, Bassogo and Yang Kuo each sent 1 key pass.


Ivo's 47 minutes and 53 seconds pass came from a counterattack in the second half of Henan Jianye. Ivo dribbled the ball and then burst in. Kalanga moved forward in the middle. Ivo scored the ball to the front of the penalty zone on the right, Bassogo, Pakistan. Sogo directly formed a shot but was blocked.


Ivo key pass example

Ivo Key Pass示例

Yang Kuo's key pass came at 16 minutes and 39 seconds in the first half. Ma Xingyu scored the ball to the right from the middle. Yang Kuo jumped in and sent a ground ball to the small penalty area. Kalanga grabbed the front and hit the goal without success.

Yang Kuo的关键传球是在上半场的16分39秒时到达的。马星宇从中间右脚得分。杨阔跳了起来,向小禁区传了一个地面球。卡兰加(Kalanga)抢到了前场,没有成功就击中了目标。

Yang Kuo key pass, Kalanga grabs the point

Yang Kuo关键传球,Kalanga抓住了重点

Yang Kuo key pass signal

yang Ku o可以pass signal

In this game, Henan Jianye's team sent 17 passes, Ivo ranked first in 7 passes, Yang Kuo was second in 3 times, and Zhou Dingyang was third in 2 times.


Jianye Biography List

J Ian也biography list

Location of Jianye Chuan

location o FJ Ian也C环

Break the list


In this game, Henan Jianye's team made 11 breakthroughs, including Kalanga 4 times and Ma Xingyu 3 times. The two were more prominent, Ivo, Waili, Basogo and Han Xuan each had 1 time.

在这场比赛中,河南建业队取得了11项突破,其中卡兰加4次,马星宇3次。两者比较突出,伊沃(Ivo),威利(Waili),Basogo和韩轩(Han Xuan)分别有1次。

We know that the number of violations shows the core position of players in the team's offense and defense. For example, Shijiazhuang Matthews, Shanghai Shenhua Moreno, and Hebei Huaxia Xingfu Gaolat, all of whom were violated this season, are all teams. . In Ivo's most brilliant 2015 season, Ivo ranked first in the Super League, averaging more than 4 violations per game. In the past two to three years, the total number of violations of Ivo has been 87 times in the 2018 season, fourth in the Super League, 72 times in the 2019 Super League, and seventh in the 27 Super League since the 2020 season. The average dropped to about 3 times per game. This is mainly because Ivo's style of play has changed. Ivo no longer relies on the tactics of getting rid of multiple players in disguise for multiple times, and the number of violations has decreased. In this game, Ivo was violated 4 times, higher than the season average. At the same time, Bassogo and Kalanga were violated 4 times each, indicating that the two people had a greater pressure on Evergrande's defense line in the backcourt of Guangzhou Evergrande.

我们知道,违规次数表明了球员在球队进攻和防守中的核心地位。例如,本赛季都遭到违反的石家庄马修斯,上海申花莫雷诺和河北华夏幸福高拉队都是球队。 。在伊沃(Ivo)最辉煌的2015赛季中,伊沃(Ivo)在超级联赛中排名第一,平均每场比赛违反次数超过4次。在过去的两到三年中,自2020赛季以来,违反Ivo的总次数在2018赛季为87次,在中超联赛中排名第四,在2019年中超联赛中排名第二72,在27个中超联赛中排名第七。平均每场比赛下降到大约3次。这主要是因为Ivo的游戏风格已经改变。 Ivo不再依赖于多次变相摆脱多名玩家的策略,违规次数有所减少。在这场比赛中,伊沃(Ivo)被违反了4次,高于赛季平均水平。同时,巴索戈和卡兰加各被侵犯4次,表明这两个人对恒大在广州恒大后场的防守线施加了更大的压力。

Violated list


In this game, Henan Jianye completed 13 steals, which is equivalent to Jianye's season average of 13.4 steals per game. Among them, the midfielder Ma Xingyu and the right back tied for first place with 3 steals each, and midfielder Zhou Dingyang and Niu Ziyi each tied for second place with 2 steals.


Steals list


Henan Jianye's team completed 9 interceptions in this game, which is basically the same as the season's 8.9 times per game. Among them, Chen Hao topped the list for 3 interceptions, and Yiwo and Zhou Dingyang ranked second respectively.


Block list


In this game, Henan Jianye's team made 17 clearances, which was basically the same as the season average of 17.6. Among them, the delayed central defender Han Xuan's 8 clearances were very dazzling. We know that in the Super League, the best defenders have averaged around 5 clearances per game. After experiencing some disturbances at the beginning of the season, Han Xuan is regaining his form in recent rounds.


Break the siege


Henan Jianye's team completed 13 blocked passes with 5 people. Midfielder Zhou Dingyang took 5 of them, 3 times from outside, Ma Xingyu, Niu Ziyi 2 times each, and Chen Hao 1 time.


Block pass


Blocking a shot is the last move a player can use to disrupt the opponent's offense before the goalkeeper. In the 74th minute of the game, Paulinho broke into the left wing, Jianye player Ladu could not hold it, Jianye players fought and retreated, Paulinho passed the ball to Exon on the right, Niu Ziyi returned to the ground and sealed Block shot.


Blocked shots


Niu Ziyi blocks the shot moment

NI Uzi以blocks the shot moment

We put the above 10 offensive and defensive data into a ranking summary table, and combined this table with the authoritative foreign language platform "whoscored" scores, and got the following table and player overall evaluation.


Player rating


Sub-item ranking and overall evaluation


Ivo is Henan Jianye's offensive and defensive hub and a barometer of confidence. In terms of data, Ivo also reflects the thigh-level role. Among the 10 offensive and defensive data, 7 of Ivo have tangible data. Among them, the key passes, crosses, and the number of infringements rank first in the team. Ivo, who scored the first goal of the season, scored 7.7 points, averaging the highest points in the team and the game.


When mentioning Ma Xingyu, I have to mention Feng Zhuoyi who has left, but Feng Zhuoyi’s name is not just for nostalgia or to hit his own existing players. On the contrary, Caiwei hopes that Ma Xingyu can play a similar role to Feng Zhuoyi on both offense and defense and even surpass Feng Zhuoyi. So as to help the team more.


Caiwei has followed the similarities and differences between Ma Xingyu and Feng Zhuoyi for a long time, and found that the two also have an excellent overall view and a certain ability to hold the ball, but the difference is that Feng Zhuoyi has a faster rhythm and Ma Xingyu is slightly slower, and Feng Zhuoyi is good at short passes. Ma Xingyu seems to be better with a long pass. In terms of offensive contribution, Ma Xingyu and Feng Zhuoyi are basically equivalent, but on the defensive end, Ma Xingyu's effect is only half of Feng Zhuoyi's! This is Ma Xingyu's most deadly shortcoming!


For most sports, if offense relies on talent, defense relies more on enthusiasm, and football is probably the same. In this game, Ma Xingyu's enthusiasm has clearly improved: 3 steals topped the team, intercepting and blocking passes ranked top 3 in the team, Ma Xingyu's defensive performance at halftime was not only better than the season average. It is also stronger than Feng Zhuoyi's best performance in the 2019 season.


Take a sigh of relief, a little bit faster pace, and a little more active running. I believe that Xiao Ma can improve a level in the Super League.


Ma Xingyu deserves praise for the team's second highest score of 6.8. But it is not the yellow card weight that affects the score, Ma Xingyu's score in this game will be higher than 7 points.


Ma Xingyu vs Feng Zhuoyi

max ing鱼vs F鞥Z获益

This game is one of Yang Kuo's best matches since his return from a serious injury. Yang Kuo has been the first right back of Henan Jianye since 2015. After being seriously injured in a battle with Jiangsu Suning last season, Kuo Kuo has been recovering from his injuries. After returning to the game this season, Yang Kuo, who has recovered physically, obviously still needs time to restore his confidence. So far this season, Yang Kuo has played 9 games and 5 starts, but only 2 games have played more than 60 minutes. Obviously, compared with Guangzhou Evergrande's young talent Feng Boxuan, Yang Kuo does not have much advantage. But the most valuable thing about local players is their sense of responsibility. As one of the few local players in Jianye's first team, Yang Kuo has played for Jianye for more than six seasons, so he should naturally look at Lu Feng, a native of Luoyang, Henan!

自重伤归来以来,这场比赛是杨国最好的比赛之一。自2015年以来,杨括就一直是河南建业的首位右后卫。上个赛季,郭括在与江苏苏宁的战役中受了重伤之后,已经从伤病中恢复过来。在本赛季重返赛场之后,身体康复的杨阔显然仍然需要时间来恢复信心。本赛季到目前为止,Yang Kuo出战9场比赛和5场首发,但只有2场比赛超过60分钟。显然,与广州恒大的年轻天才冯伯轩相比,杨括没有太多优势。但是,本地球员最有价值的是他们的责任心。作为建业一线队中为数不多的本地球员之一,杨阔为建业效力了超过六个赛季,所以他自然应该去看看河南洛阳人陆峰!

In this game, Yang Kuo ranked first in the team with 3 steals, second in the team in key passes and crosses, and ranked in the top three in 2 clears. In particular, it is worth mentioning that the only goal of Henan Jianye that Ivo scored in the 29th minute was also attributed to Yang Kuo. Yang Kuo blasted for Kalanga at the front of the penalty area at 45 degrees on the right. Kalanga header was the first point. Zhang Linpeng controlled the second error under the pressure of Kalan, and Ivo got a good opportunity to volley and score.

在这场比赛中,杨括以3次抢断排名全队第一,在关键传球和传中得第二名,并在2次接球中排名前三。特别值得一提的是,伊沃在第29分钟打进河南建业的唯一进球也归功于杨阔。 Yang Kuo在右侧45度的禁区前部向Kalanga爆炸。卡兰加头球是第一点。张林鹏在卡兰的压力下控制了第二次失误,而伊沃则获得了很好的凌空抽射和得分机会。

Ranked second in the team at 6.7, Yang Kuo deserves praise in this game. But at the golden age of 27 years old, Henan Jianye fans look forward to being able to contribute more to Jianye!


Han Xuan has had the high profile of being selected for the national training team, and the low-level mistakes of the penalty zone. He jumped from the bench to the absolute main defense force under Wang Baoshan. After Henan Jianye and Wang Baoshan parted ways, Han Xuan had to survive on the team that paid him. It can be said that Han Xuan's position in Henan Jianye is a bit awkward, but since Jianye insists on using him, he has given him great trust!


The hero does not ask where he came from, Han Xuan should have such confidence and determination. In this game, Han Xuan is located at the core of the three central defenders, and the importance is self-evident. The team's highest 37 catches and the highest eight clearances in the game, Han Xuan used his tangible performance to reflect the quality of professional players and return the team's trust.


As a player in the local youth training of Henan Jianye, Niu Ziyi has always been a leader in the 1999 age group. He has served as the captain of the team in the Jianye echelon for a long time. After the match, the head of Henan Jianye's coaching staff, Yang Ji, praised Niu Ziyi in an interview. I regret that I only sent Niu Ziyi to start today. I have never watched his game before!


In this game, in all 10 offensive and defensive data of Henan Jianye, we saw Niu Ziyi's name in 7 of them, 1 of which was the first and 6 of them ranked in the top 4 of the team (including tied for the top 4). This is the data performance of the Henan local teenager who started the game for the first time.

在本场比赛中,在河南建业的所有10项进攻和防守数据中,我们在其中的7名中看到了牛子怡的名字,其中1名是第一名,而6名则排名全队前4名(包括并列前4名) )。这是河南本地少年首次开始游戏的数据表现。

Of course, Niu Ziyi's performance was not perfect. In his two games against Evergrande, Niuniu missed an obvious shortcoming. Due to space limitations, I will discuss it in another article.


Compared with the rambling of the previous game against Evergrande, Basogor’s attitude in this game has improved, and his 4 violations proved Basog’s tactical value. But Henan Jianye fans' expectations are obviously more than that.


Among the 10 offensive and defensive data, 8 items saw Zhou Dingyang's name, of which 1 item was the first and 4 items were second. Zhou Dingyang's score was obviously low.


A source from Jianye once told me: The gentleman in the Jianye team is Zhou Dingyang, the most responsible person in the Jianye team is Zhou Dingyang, and the most professional in the Jianye team is Zhou Dingyang. Zhou Dingyang should wear the captain's armband most. More professional than Ivo! Tsai Wei had previously analyzed Zhou Dingyang’s performance and believed that Zhou Dingyang’s position this season was not clear, his responsibilities were unclear, sometimes his running position was a little messy and sometimes his positional sense was not strong enough. barrier. These views have caused some controversy, and many Jianye old fans questioned this. Caiwei respects these doubts and gradually accepts some of them: Maybe it is because Jianye is indeed understaffed in the first stage of this season. Zhou Dingyang has to go to support him. He has no choice but to become a B2B because he has undertaken too much!


Caiwei always believes that the 27-year-old Chen Hao is a relatively stable player among the 3 central defenders of Henan Jianye. He may not show up, but he has always had a stable output on the defensive end. Occasionally, Chen Hao's offensive in Jianye could not start the situation. Time can also play a role as a set-piece spoiler. As a left guard, the outside force only made 1 pass in this field, perhaps because of the greater pressure on the defensive end. Kalanga's lowest score came from not scoring a penalty kick. At the same time, the penalty area foul sent points also showed Kalanga's impatience.

蔡伟一直认为,现年27岁的陈浩在河南建业的三名中后卫中是一个相对稳定的球员。他可能没有露面,但他在防守端始终保持稳定的出球。有时,陈浩在建业的攻势无法启动局面。时间也可以起到固定作用。作为左后卫,外部力量在该区域只进了1次传球,这可能是因为防守端的压力更大。 Kalanga的最低分数来自没有得分。同时,禁区犯规得分也显示了卡兰加的不耐烦。

This article was originally created by Cai Wei. Independent, objective, and exclusive data interpretation, only for Jianye deep fans. Welcome to follow the exchange.




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